Africa used car market

Africa used car market

Africa used car market


Japan is the biggest exporter of used vehicles in the world. Many countries across the world import Japanese used vehicles and Africa is among one of the leading importer of Japanese vehicles. Almost all types of used vehicles, even machinery and parts are imported by Africa. Economy of many African countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles. There are a number of experienced and trustworthy exporters in Japan that provide quality used vehicles to Africa. It is just because of their flawless quality that Japanese vehicles are popular across the continent. Also the cost of importation of used vehicles are very low, hence they are easily affordable.

There are not many manufacturing industries in the Africa. Many countries in Africa have to invest deeply in manufacturing of automobile industries. There are many countries, that don’t even have manufacturing plants. Thus, there is less production of cars and ultimately increment in importation of vehicles. There are many used vehicle exporters in Japan that can provide used vehicle at affordable prices. But before buying a used vehicle, it is important to know the import rules and regulations for smooth clearance of customs.


With the changing scenario, Africa has grown a lot. Due to the increase in population and the discovery of new mineral resources daily, the economy of Africa is among the fastest growing ones. The automobile market in Africa is huge and growing bigger every year. Mainly the import of used vehicles has increased to a great extent in Africa. The fall of interest rates, rising incomes and increase in consumer spending has bought the African economy to a new level.


It may sound weird, but in comparison to new vehicles, Africans prefer used vehicles. These vehicles are reliable, durable and are available at practical prices. Most of the African market of used vehicles is acquired by Japanese automobiles. Thousands of second-hand vehicles are imported, inspected and shipped to Africa on daily basis. Many countries in Africa are underdeveloped, thus the market for new vehicles in the continent is not very vast as it is quite difficult for many Africans to afford a new vehicle. Thus, giving opportunities to used car market to enter.


The roads of Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana are laden with used vehicles, whereas new vehicles are seen occasionally. A large portion of the population in Africa purchase used vehicles. Mainly Japanese vehicles are dominating the market by offering reliable vehicles at practical prices. The reason that people are attracted towards used vehicles is that one gets a good vehicle at cost price around 50% less than that of new ones. Even the duties on used vehicles are less than that of on new vehicles. People prefer to go with used vehicles as they get cars with better design, shape and technology at reasonable prices. Along with used vehicles, vehicle accessories, parts, and lubricants are imported in Africa.


The African automobile industry could be split up into three sections, South Africa, Middle Africa and North Africa. Out of all three, the Middle Africa has a huge market of used vehicles. In fact the size of the used car market in Middle Africa is about 10 times of that of the new car market in the region. Around 90%-95% of used vehicles imported into the region are passenger ones.


Mainly Japanese used cars are exported to countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia and several others. Used vehicles from famous Japanese makers such as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki are imported in these countries. It is quite easy to import used vehicles in Africa. The large importation of used vehicles does not mean that Africa is a dumping ground for reconditioned vehicles. It is important that vehicles imported into Africa should be environment friendly and Japanese cars are groomed to offer that.


With the advancement in technology it is quite easy to buy a used vehicle via internet. The presence of many portal sites has made the availability of Japanese vehicles easy. One can buy any vehicle of his/her desire by simply finding the best used vehicle exporter. In many African countries, most of the used cars are from Toyota makers. Among Toyota models, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Corolla are very famous. As the continent demands resistant and economical transport solutions, Africans also prefer to buy 4X4 and pickup trucks.



With the increasing population of the continent, it is assumed that Africa will emerge as the biggest market of everything including used vehicles. Africa’s development has improved the living standards of people, which eventually has increased the demand for used vehicles. The African market possesses a lot of potential and Japanese exporters can do much in African countries as African has strong leaning towards Japanese used vehicles. In developed countries, the competition is quite tough, whereas in Africa car sales are not competitive and efficient. So, to increase business, dealers prefer to import and sell used vehicles in Africa. With the increase in demand for vehicles in Africa, the continent is giving ample chances to small and big businesses to make a fortune.


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