Namibia used car market

Namibia used car market

Namibia used car market


Japan is one of the major exporters of used vehicles. Large numbers of used vehicles from Japan are exported to many countries across the world. Namibia, located at the south of equator is a major importer of Japanese used vehicles. Over the past few years, Namibia has emerged as a major trade center for used vehicle exporters. The country offers very pleasant and business like atmosphere to foreign traders and importation of used vehicles in Namibia is quite simple due to low duties. The roads of Namibia are continuing to be busy with second-hand vehicles imported mostly from Asia and the United Kingdom.

The automobile sector of the country is growing. Namibia being an underdeveloped nation doesn’t have much market for new vehicles, as many people cannot afford to purchase a new car. Namibians are looking forward for buying used vehicles as they have years of lifespan and are affordable alternatives on the market. Plus taxation from the government for registering a new vehicle is more in comparison to used cars. The craze for used vehicles in Namibia is so high that even if it is difficult to find spare parts for vehicles, Namibians are eager to buy used vehicles.


With the increase in pro capita income, growing GDP, stable inflation rate, and political stability, the automobile industry of Namibia is flourishing and is expected to grow within next years. In Namibia, there are 6 vehicles per thousand people in the country. The limited size of the new car market and limited growth potential has given fair chance to used car exporters to enter into the market. Both in passenger and commercial vehicles, Toyota is leading. In case of commercial vehicles,Toyota is followed by Nissan and Isuzu.


Importation of used vehicle in the country is not difficult. Importers just have to be aware of import regulations of Namibia in order to clear the customs without any problems. With the increasing prices of new vehicles, buyers are finding better value in pre-owned market, thus resulting in higher demand for used vehicle market.


The country does not have many manufacturing industries, thus there is less productions of vehicles and increment of importation of used vehicles in the country. With the increase in demand for vehicles in Namibia, there are ample opportunities in the country for used vehicle exporters. Generally, used vehicles from Japan are exported in the country. Japanese used vehicles are popular for their reliability, longevity, quality and safety.



In developed countries, the import of used vehicles is quite tough, whereas in Africa car sales through import are easy and efficient. So, to increase business, local dealers prefer to import and sell used vehicles in Africa. The availability of quality and varied used vehicles in the market is improving tremendously, thus allowing buyers to buy any vehicle of their choice.


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