Japan Automobile Industry Magazine

Japan Automobile Industry Magazine

Japan Automobile Industry Magazine


JapaneseCarTrade.com has come up again with the monthly launch of its automobile magazine. This month, the topic of our magazine is “Japanese Automobile Industry”, which includes a detailed study of how Japan started with introducing small cars and with improvement in every vehicle it eventually became one of the top automobile industries in the world. Japanese automobile industry is one of the well-known and largest industries in the world. Japanese automakers always focus on product enhancement, technological innovation, and safety improvement.

With every model launched by Japanese makers, they have proved that anything is possible. Japanese makers try their best to make a place in the heart of buyers by offering the most comfortable and efficient vehicles. The sole reason for the popularity of Japanese automakers across the world is that they stood well on all the promises made. Time and again, with various test, Japanese makers have proven that they are better than other makers across the world. To make people more aware regarding the Japanese automakers, the section of the magazine includes information regarding various Japanese automobile manufacturers.

There is a segment in the magazine that describes the Japanese used car market. If one is in the market for a used vehicle, the obvious place to go to is a Japanese used car market. Along with the new car market of the country, the used car market is increasing with the same pace or at a much faster pace. It is expected that the used car market will grow almost double the size of the new car market in the next 5 years. One of the major importers of Japanese used vehicles is Africa. Almost every country in this continent import used vehicles from Japan. Not only African countries, other countries in Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East also import Japanese used vehicles. Even, the economy of many countries depends hugely on importation of used vehicles.


The automobile industry is an important pillar of the global economy. For the overall development of the country, automobile sector plays a very vital role. The automobile makers are constantly working to bring out new technologies, either they are for safety, fun, or just for pure innovation. In this segment also Japanese makers are trying their best to provide their buyers with best and safest technologies in the world. So, to give more details regarding the new technologies to be incorporated by Japanese automakers in coming years, we have included a section in our magazine. Along with this, there is a section that gives information regarding the growth of the used car market in years to come.


With the completion of 2014, Mr. P.K. Bansal, CEO of Exim Infotek successfully completed 25 years of his business. With the hard work and dedication towards work, Mr. Bansal proved that if one is determined, then nothing is impossible. Mr. Bansal with his principles and simple policies have achieved a successful place in his life. And is inspiring others to attain their drive and success. This issue of magazine comprises some facts from the life of Mr. Bansal.


With this issue of magazine, we bring about information from various sections of the Japanese Automobile Industry. The growth or the rise of Japanese automobile industry wasn’t quick. Japanese automobile industry with its innovation and technology is contributing towards the worldwide development of the automobile sector. The world eagerly waits for the automobiles to deliver by Japanese makers. The magazine contains all ingredients to improve the knowledge regarding world’s one of the top automobile industry. Hence, to broaden your horizon on the ever-evolving Japanese automobile industry, click on the link- http://issuu.com/japanesecartrade.com/docs/february-2015.



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