Celebrities and their Admirable Cars magazine

Celebrities and their Admirable Cars magazine

Celebrities and their Admirable Cars magazine


JapaneseCarTrade.com is elated to introduce its monthly digital magazine on world’s eminent personalities and cars owned by them. This month, the topic of our magazine is “Celebrities and their Admirable Cars”, which bring out the famous personalities from different fields who drive expensive cars in the world today. From Narendra Modi to Beyoncé Knowles to Sachin Tendulkar to Larry Ellison, there is one thing common between them. They all drive in best available cars that feature high quality premium luxury interiors and comprise powerful engines. With all the money they make, it is possible for them to afford a handsome monthly payment on their cars.


Business personalities are the one that comes instantly in one’s mind when we talk about money, luxuriance. They are billionaires who live a life of comfort and have an access to almost everything available in the world. For them luxury is just a way of life and they show it in every aspect of their lifestyle and one such aspect is their cars. With this issue of the magazine, we have listed the cars owned by top business tycoons.

Some people like cars, some love them while some make it a mission of their life to collect as many cars as possible. A very popular example of obsession for cars is of American comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, who got so influenced with the German nameplate that he bought 47 of them, costing $15million in total. Seinfeld is not alone in his passion for the best luxury cars. There are many people (insanely rich in particular) that have numerous cars in their possession. There’s a segment in our magazine that depicts the cars owned by world’s famous celebrities. When one has an endless supply of money, then definitely he/she would like to flaunt it when it comes to cars.


Sports personalities make high disposable incomes every year that gives them the right to buy pretty much anything they want. From Lionel Messi to Maria Sharapova these athletes have plush mansion, private jets, fancy yachts and to top it off they own several top of the line cars that are the dreams of every car lover. Not only entertainment or sports personalities are passionate for luxurious toys, but our politicians also prefer nothing but a Cadillac, BMW and Lexus. Due to security reasons they can’t drive them, but that doesn’t stop them from riding in a chauffeur-driven luxury cars packed with top security features.


From Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé to Maserati Quattroporte to the extremely rare Porsche 959 Coupé, world’s renowned personalities prefer nothing but the best. Read out the magazine, as it will give you a fair glimpse into the world of celebrities. Or who knows it will help you to choose your car when you become one of them. So, don’t reckon anymore and click on the link as it’s your only backstage pass to the world of cars owned by celebrities-




Hope you’ll enjoy the magazine. Don’t forget to write back as we are eagerly waiting to know the choices of our audience when it comes to wheel.


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