Japanese v/s American v/s European Automobile Industry magazine

Japanese v/s American v/s European Automobile Industry magazine

Japanese v/s American v/s European Automobile Industry magazine


JapaneseCarTrade.com brings upon its monthly digital magazine on automobile industry of top three regions, i.e. Japanese, European and American. There are many automobile regions in the world, but out of all, these three always stand out. They are known for contributing the most in the growth and development of automobile sector. The topic of this month’s magazine is “Japanese v/s American v/s European Automobile Industry”, which depicts how the world’s three major automobile manufacturing regions started, along with the popular automakers from these regions.


Japan started with introducing small cars and with improvement in every vehicle it eventually became one of the top automobile industries in the world. Japanese automakers have a solid track record of building reliable and efficient vehicles for decades. To satisfy the strong demand for vehicles, Japanese automakers are increasing their production. In the magazine, there is a section, where we have described the automobile industry of Japan along with top 5 automakers from the nation.

Another major automobile region that is included in our magazine is American. The automobile industry of America started in the 1890s and evolved rapidly in one of the largest in the world. It was the Henry’s Ford Model T that revolutionized the automobile industry of America. The Great Depression hit the American automobile industry very deeply, but the industry evolved after World War II. American cars are known for their muscle and strength. These cars have magnificent build and are quite powerful.


One of the vastest automobile regions is European region. It includes regions such as Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Sweden and many more. Vehicles from these makers are breathtaking and magnificent. European automakers undoubtedly produce one of the best performing and handling vehicles. To give more details regarding these, there is a section in our magazine that gives detailed description regarding European automobile region and top 5 automakers from Europe.There is even a fair comparison between the three automobile regions on the basis of characteristics of automobiles manufactured by each. JCT has also given its opinion on out of all makers which one to choose and why.


For the growth and evolution of the industry, factors such as labor, material suppliers and configuration of distribution channels are important factors. Outside forces such as trade flow, regulations, distribution systems also plays significant role in influencing the automotive industry’s structure. The auto industry along with growth and prosperity faces many challenges few of them like, industry’s slowdown, globalization of vehicle manufacturing, and car companies going bankrupt.


Do read the magazine as it gives a decent comparison between the features of three major automobile regions and detail description regarding them. It will help you to broaden your horizon when it comes to automobiles. To read the whole magazine, click on the link provided: http://issuu.com/japanesecartrade.com/docs/may-2015


You can even have a quick glance at our May digital magazine by visiting the JCT help page: http://www.japanesecartrade.com/help/jct-magazine-may-2015



Hope you’ll enjoy the magazine. Don’t forget to give your opinion as we want to know out of all automobile regions, which one our audience prefer.


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