Classification of cars on the basis of body type magazine

Classification of cars on the basis of body type magazine

Classification of cars on the basis of body type magazine


This month again, is back with its monthly digital automobile magazine. The topic of this month’s magazine is ‘Classification of cars on the basis of their body type’, which gives detail description of how cars are classified on the basis of their body types. Everybody knows that there exists SUVs, crossovers, sedans, hatchbacks, but when it comes to defining them or differentiating them with other body type, then people generally have hard time. So, with the magazine we have given simplified classification on different body types present in the market.


Henry Ford introduced Tesla Model T that changed the people’s way to live, work and travel. It transformed the automobile from luxury into a necessity. With time everything changes and so does the auto industry. Over the years, vehicles have undergone a series of changes to build a practically operative one. Today buyers have broader section of vehicles to consider. Even though the advancement in technology has provided many options to people, but on the other side it has also created confusion among buyers.

Buying a car is not an easy decision, especially when one is financially bounded. Purchasing a vehicle only because it offers a sense of status is not a radical decision. When it comes to buying a car, one should make a decision that will serve in years to come. There are many cars in the market depending upon buyer’s choice and budget.


Before you jumpstart the process of buying a car, just make sure you know everything about that particular body type and the reason why you should consider buying the same. If one wants an economical vehicle, then hatchbacks are the option, for a family vehicle one can go with a sedan. There are other options also such as convertible, SUV, crossover, coupé, wagon, sports car. To measure the choices of the car one wishes to purchase, there are many ways such as is it comfortable, affordable, efficient, reliable, safe…


Apart from body types, cars are also classified on other basis such as purpose, drive, suspension, fuel used, transmission. To make people familiar with these classifications, there is a section in our magazine that gives description of how cars are segmented on different basis. We come across cars in our daily lives, we read about them in newspapers, magazines, websites. While reading there are certain technical terminology that are difficult to understand. So, we have also included a section where we have given basic terminology related to cars.


With this issue of magazine, we bring about information regarding segmentation of cars on different basis. Before you purchase your car, go through the magazine as it will give you clear distinction between every car segment. The magazine contains all ingredients to improve your knowledge regarding different body types. Hence, to further your know-how about cars, do read the magazine. For magazine’s digital edition, click on the given link-



We really hope that you’ll enjoy the magazine. Before leaving, don’t forget to tell us your favorite body type, we are waiting eagerly to hear from you…


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