Caribbean Used Car Market magazine

Caribbean Used Car Market magazine

Caribbean Used Car Market magazine is back again with its monthly digital automobile magazine. The topic of this month’s magazine is ‘Caribbean used car market’, which gives detail description of used car market segment of various countries in the region. From Jamaica in the west to Guyana in the south, people are abandoning showroom cars for reliable and affordable Japanese used vehicles. So, with this magazine we have highlighted on the used car market of Caribbean countries along with the import regulations in these regions.


There is a massive hunger for reliable, affordable and efficient vehicles not only in developing countries, but across all parts of the world. For low or middle income people, these low-priced vehicles are the only option as with the prices of new vehicles and gas touching sky; it seems that for them there is no other alternative available. The growth of the used vehicle market in various countries is definitely affecting the new car market.

With the advancement in technology, it has become quite easy for a buyer to import a vehicle from Japan to any part of the world. There are many used vehicle online portals where used vehicle exporters showcase their vehicles that help buyers to purchase a vehicle from dealers directly. This in turn saves time of a buyer as one can see all vehicles offered from various exporters on one site. And can purchase any quality vehicle of his/her choice at reasonable prices.


Purchase of a used car is no longer socially frowned upon, credit to lifestyle transformation. People from all classes are buying used vehicles as they give good value for money. Continuous vehicle upgrading, reasonability, pricing and availability have contributed a lot towards growth of business in the used car market.


One of the emerging markets for Japanese used vehicles is Caribbean region. Situated on the Caribbean Plate, this region holds very vast opportunities for the exporters. There are large numbers of vehicle exporting companies in Japan, that export around thousands of used vehicles altogether to the region.


When it comes to automobiles, people of Caribbean region know where to bank upon. Japanese assembled vehicles are the most trusted names all over the world. Almost every country of the Caribbean region import vehicles from Japan. For instance, in Barbados, the maximum percent of the market is accounted by used car imports, and the share is growing enormously.


With this issue of magazine, let’s read on the market condition of various countries and opportunities store in them for exporters to make their fortune. To help out the importers with the process of vehicle importation, we have also included the import regulations of all countries in the Caribbean region. Remember to follow the import regulations to clear customs smoothly.



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