Oceania used car markert magazine

Oceania used car markert magazine

Oceania used car market magazine


The Oceania region is mostly made up of small Islands within the central and South Pacific Ocean. The region consists of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa. The population of this region is increasing, the same way, the demand for vehicles is on the rise. Due to economical condition most people cannot buy a new car. So, they prefer to buy used cars, mainly from Japan. This is driven by increased urbanization, growing middle class, infrastructure development.


It is no secret that Japanese used vehicles are now more popular than ever before. According to the statistics, around 714,808 units of Japanese used vehicles were exported in the year 2003 which grew to 1,163,109 units in 2013. There’s an increment of 448,301 units in just 10 years. Every year vehicles in large numbers are exported from Japan to almost all parts of the world. Large numbers of vehicles from Japan make their way to different countries every year. Used cars account high percentage of Japan’s annual vehicle export.

In Japan, older the car gets it became expensive to register it. The road regulations on vehicles in Japan are quite strict due to inspection ‘Shaken‘ that is done when a car turns 3 years old, then every 2 years until the car turns 11, afterward every year. The cost of maintenance is also very high. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to keep vehicles and they are generally sold out. Many of the used cars find their way to other nations,where they are sold at very reasonable rates.


In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand are the major markets for used vehicle exporters. Other countries in the region are also becoming an emerging market of used vehicles. The popularity of Japanese used vehicles in Oceania makes the easy availability and affordability of spare parts. The troublefree and economical importation of used vehicles from Japan has made vehicle affordable to an average citizen.


With the advancement and development in technology, automobiles nowadays have become better than they’ve ever been. They are now more fuel efficient and better on the environment. Along with the transformation in vehicles, the method of communication has also changed. The core communicating principles are still the same, just the means of communication delivery has changed.


Rather than a luxury, vehicles are now considered as a necessity for everyday transportation. They are regarded as a freedom machine for human, a means of both transportation and expression. However, for some buying a new one is still not possible, so they go with used cars. In the same way, for many people of Oceania due to their financial limitation they can’t afford to purchase a new vehicle, this has resulted in increasing demand for used vehicles in the region. Japanese vehicles are admired for their less engine trouble and superb quality. The reason for the excellent condition of Japanese vehicles is classiness of the Japanese roads. These vehicles rule the Oceania market as they are reliable, robust, comfy, and economical.


Japanese cars are the best way to be economical on the roads. There is no fix trend, all types of used vehicles are popular among all demographics in Oceania. There are many exporters in Japan that can provide used vehicle at affordable prices. The presence of many portal sites has made the availability of Japanese vehicles easy. One can buy the vehicle of his/her desire by simply finding the best used vehicle exporter. Most vehicles imported into Oceania region are of the Toyota brand. The increasing population of the region is contributing towards the growing market for everything including used vehicles. The region has all the ingredients for the growth and development of a strong auto market.



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