Europe and Russia used car market magazine

Europe and Russia used car market magazine

Europe and Russia used car market magazine


One of the finest things one might notice about Japan is that their vehicles are pristine and high of quality. The country is known for ages for manufacturing outstanding and excellent vehicles and same is the case when it comes to second-hand vehicles. The world is aware of the fact that used vehicles from Japan are safe and reliable, even though they are used.


The market demand of Japanese used vehicles in comparison to other developed nations is very high. There are thousands of exporting countries in Japan that export large quantity of vehicles every month to numerous countries across the world. Used Japanese vehicles are favored for their flawless and superb conditions this is because Japanese take good care of their vehicles. As a matter of fact, these vehicles are dependable, affordable and normally in very fine condition. The inspection system of the country is so strict and expensive that it constrains people from holding the vehicle as they age. And as a result, many of the used cars find new lives on the roads of other nations, where they are sold at bargain prices. The popularity of Japanese used vehicles has reached almost every part of the world. There is in fact no region that is untouched by the charisma of Japanese vehicles.

The two popular destinations for Japanese used vehicles are Russian and European region. In the recent years, these regions have become the magnet of Japanese used vehicles. Japanese cars are popular here as they are making things possible for a large population that is long deprived of convenient vehicles. From Toyota Highlander to Mitsubishi Pajero to vans to heavy trucks to a series of Hondas and Nissans, almost every vehicle is imported.


Russia, located over the northern Eurasia, is seen as a vast growth opportunity for used vehicles. As of now, the largest number of used vehicles in the Russian region is imported from Japan. With the increase in the size of the population and urbanization, demand for suitable and reliable means of transportation is rising in the countries of this region.


Along with Russian region, there is growing demand from European countries for used cars – especially 4x4s. Europe’s two biggest used car markets are the UK and Germany. In the UK in the year 2012, around 7.1 million used cars were sold, with Germany close behind at 6.9 million, an increase of 0.4 and 0.5 million units respectively. According to statistics provided by BCA, there were around 239 million cars on the roads of Europe, out of which 70% of the cars were found to be in five countries- France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Germany have highest cars to inhabitants ratio, it is 517 cars per 1,000 people.


As the prices of vehicles and gas are rising every next day, purchasing a used vehicle is the only feasible route for low and middle income people. Even though large numbers of used vehicles are imported in these regions, it does not mean that they are dumping grounds for dodgy vehicles from overseas. Every country has certain import regulations in order to make sure that the vehicle imported match with their safety and regulation standards.


The increasing demand of used vehicles is cutting heavily the sale of new vehicles. People are more inclined towards used vehicles as they give them more choice and easily affordable cars. Consumers generally have a hard time when importing vehicles, mainly luxurious one from other countries. But when it comes to Japan things are quite different. Import duties on used vehicles are less in comparison to the new ones. With a used car, people get an affordable vehicle that is better in design, shape and high on technology. Not only the vehicle, their parts, accessories, and lubricants are also imported into the Russian and European region.


The desire for efficient, reliable vehicle is massive not only in the Russian and European regions, but across all parts of the world. Individuals are attracting towards used vehicles because dealers offer them the chance to own a car-without spending the coming years of their life paying for it.


With this month’s issue of our magazine, let’s delve into the used automobile market of the Russian and European region along with the profitable opportunities for exporters. We have also discussed briefly the import regulations in the countries in these regions to make the process of importation easy and smooth.



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