Freight charge calculation while importing Japanese Used Vehicles

Freight charge calculation while importing Japanese Used Vehicles

Freight charge calculation while importing Japanese Used Vehicles


Want to buy a used car from Japan?


The foremost thing one should know while importing a Japanese Used Vehicle is the freight charges. One should be familiar with the shipping charges to be paid along with the vehicle cost. Sometimes, the charges for the shipment may be too much in comparison with the vehicle or machinery one is buying.

Most of the dealers provide their shipping rates applicable to different countries at their relevant sites itself, so that buyers or importers of used vehicles can decide immediately and can place the order. However, for confirmation and for negotiation they do ask the dealers again by sending emails with their requirement.


All these charges are basically based on M3 sizes (Cubic Volume of the Vehicle). Every vehicle type has different M3 size, which affect the shipping cost as well. More the M3 size more will be the shipping cost. Most of the buyers, import their required used vehicles in a bulk manner so that they can minimize the shipping cost.

The two main things one should know in order to calculate the shipping cost to their country are M3 size of the vehicle & Rate of per M3 size.


Please check the M3 Sizes of different types of vehicles: -

BODY TYPE                                    M3 SIZE

Car                                                  9.5 M3

Sedan                                             9.5 M3

Coupe                                             9 M3

Hatchback                                     10 M3

Trucks                                           33 M3

Wagons                                        13 M3

Pickup                                          15 M3

SUV                                             15 M3

MUV                                            15 M3


Some of the M3 sizes of different models: -

MAKE / MODEL                                             M3 SIZE

Toyota Corolla                                               9.5 M3

Toyota RAV4                                                17 M3

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado                         17 M3

Toyota Starlet                                             9 M3

Mitsubishi Pajero                                       17 M3

Toyota Hiace                                             16 M3

Nissan Caravan                                         18 M3


Some of the Rates per M3 sizes for different shipping ports: -

COUNTRY / PORT                                                   RATES PER M3 SIZES

Ghana, Tema                                                           US$ 268.00

Cameroon, Douala                                                   US$ 250.00

Nigeria, Lagos                                                        US$ 274.00

Uganda, Mombasa                                                   US$ 100.00

Jamaica, Kingston                                                  US$ 181.00

Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain                             US$ 199.00

Russia, Vladivostok                                                US$ 650.00

Kenya, Mombassa                                                 US$ 100.00

Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam                                        US$ 100.00

South Africa, Durban                                             US$ 95.00

Malawi, Dar-es-Salaam                                         US$ 100.00

Sri Lanka, Colombo                                              US$ 72.00

UAE, Duabi                                                         US$ 77.00

UAE, Abu Dhabi                                                  US$ 74.00

UAE, Sharjah                                                       US$ 77.00

Saudi Arabia, Dammam                                       US$ 71.00

Australia, Brisbane                                             US$ 132.00



The total amount can be figured with the following ways: -


For Example, if you want to find out FREIGHT for a sedan car, which is to be imported from Japan to Australia – Brisbane Port.

Size of Sedan Car = 9.5 M3

Freight Charges = US$ 268 Per M3

Calculation will be 9.5 x 268 = US$ 2546.00

Freight Charges of Sedan for Brisbane Port will be US$2546.00


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