Why & how to check Manufacturing year of the used car to be imported from Japan?

Why & how to check Manufacturing year of the used car to be imported from Japan?

Why & how to check Manufacturing year of the used car
to be imported from Japan?


Importation of Japanese used vehicles is very popular in almost every country in the World.

Buyers prefer to buy second-hand vehicles from Japan as buying from Japan is an easy process. Plus, one could get a better quality vehicle at cheaper rates.

However, every country has their import rules and regulations that are necessary to follow in order to import the vehicle in a legal manner.

Due to increase in the volume of the import of Japanese used cars, Government of countries like Kenya, Russia, Mauritius, Jamaica, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Australia, United Kingdom, Caribbean Countries, Philippine strictly asks to follow some guidelines to avoid importing useless or vehicles that are hazardous to the environment of their country. 


One of the most common restrictions from the Government of any country was related to manufacturing year of the vehicle importing to their country. Actually in Japan one can easily know the details of first registration, but the manufacturing year is not written on the export deregistration certificate or on Car Registration Certificate and it is necessary to mention the year of manufacturing while importing any used car to some of the countries.


Why these importing countries do not accept the first registration?

It is because the first registration means the month and the year of the first ownership of the vehicle in Japan, which does not provide any information about when the vehicle was actually manufactured. This the main problem which an importer face while buying any used car from Japan as to match his country’s importing regulations.

For Example:

In Kenya, age restriction on used vehicle imported is to maximum 8 years back. So, if we take this year as 2009 then one can import the vehicle only after 2001. It is not allowed to import any used car from Japan before this year. 


Most of the cases especially of well-known manufacturers of cars don’t having too much difference between the first registrations and manufacturing year of the car, it could be up to 2 months but it can be longer in case of the less popular cars.


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It is necessary for a buyer to know all the information about the vehicle they are buying, in order to be confident to know that the vehicle they are importing is good for their nation. Nowadays, many Japanese traders are providing some online solutions for importers and buyers to check and verify the manufacturing year & month of the used car they are going to buy. These are free services provided by Japanese dealers. For that importers or buyers just have to enter the Chassis number and select the vehicle maker’s name.


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