Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars

Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars

Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars


Cars depending upon the functionality of there gear mechanism can be classified into manual and automatic cars. Manual cars generally come with a clutch and shifter where as the automatic transmissions have an automobile gearbox that can change gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves. Automatic transmission offers easy and less complex drive, but if one wants to control the power of the car then one should go for Manual transmission. Manual transmission offers more fun and at the same time involves more driving skills. Even though Automatics are becoming popular, Manual still have their place in the automobile World. There are numerous Japanese used cars available in the market with either Manual transmission or Automatic transmission as per the requirement of the used car importers and buyers.

Manual Cars: - Manual Transmission popularly known as MT is a transmission that allows the driver to select any forward gear ratio at any time. Cars with Manual transmission have a driver-operated clutch and a movable gear stick. The earliest form of a manual transmission is thought to have been invented by Louis-René Panhard and Emile Levassor in the late 19th century. Contemporary automobile manual transmissions typically use four to six forward gears and one reverse gear, although automobile manual transmissions have been built with as few as two and as many as eight gears.

Manual transmissions offer more direct driver involvement and better performance that’s why Sports cars are often equipped with them. Manual cars are more preferred in Europe, Asia and developing nations.

Many Benefits associated with Manual transmission: -

  • Fuel economy: - Manual Cars generally offer better fuel economy than automatic or continuously variable transmissions because they are mechanically much simpler and have fewer moving parts than automatic transmission. The increased number gears allows for better use of the engine’s power band. Thus, allowing increased fuel economy, by staying in the most fuel-efficient part of the power band, or higher performance, by staying closer to the engine’s peak power.
  • Easy Maintenance: - Manual transmission requires less maintenance and is easier to repair as they are mechanically simpler and have fewer moving parts than automatic transmissions. This is one of the many reasons why Manual transmission is still in demand in the market.
  • Performance and control: - Manual Car offers driver more direct control over the car than an automatic, an experienced driver can exactly and instantly, performs actions at difficult situations. The manual transmission remains smaller and much more compact than automatic transmission even with more forward speeds and the potential of developing more forward gears to offer higher speed.
  • Low cost and durability of Vehicle: - Manual Transmission cars are available at much lower prices than automatic as they are made mechanically simpler and manufactured more easily, that’s why they are more popular in developing nations. Mechanical parts are simpler, hence more durable and long lived.


Automatic Cars: - An Automatic Transmission (commonly “AT” or “Auto”) was invented in 1921 by Alfred Horner Munro of Regina. It is an automobile gearbox that can change gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver to shift gears manually. Generally Automatic Transmission has a defined set of gear ranges. Similar but larger devices are also used for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment. Nowadays, all cars are available with an automatic transmission option.

Many Benefits associated with Automatic transmission: -

  • Easy to Drive: - Automatic cars free drivers from clutch hence are easy to drive and change of speed is much easier to perform. An automatic transmission also keeps your hands and feet available while you are driving and let you react to situations more quickly. Most Hybrids are available with automatic transmissions.
  • Shift of Speed is Faster: - Automatic transmissions can shift ratios faster than a manual gear change and much easier too. Especially true in regards to dual clutch transmissions, which are specialized computer-controlled manual transmissions.
  • Suitable for stop-and-go driving and hills: - Automatic transmissions come with a hydraulic torque converter which is externally cooled, unlike a clutch. Thus, are better suited for these applications.
  • Part wear tear is Lower: - Automatic cars are popular as they have comparatively lesser wear and tear of parts and spares.



As of now, Manuals are in demand, but Automatic cars are also getting popular day by day. Manual Transmission cars and Automatic Transmission both have some benefits and weaknesses, thus leaving the decision completely on buyers to choose a vehicle as per their needs and preferences.


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