Top 10 World’s car clubs

Top 10 World’s car clubs

Top 10 World’s car clubs


Everybody have hobbies, some prefer to read books, some like playing a particular sport, while some simply have inclination towards cars. Exploring the world of cars appears to be one of the most common and popular hobby. Many car enthusiasts even join car clubs, where they can share their interests and passion with other car enthusiasts. And even get the chance to ride their dream car. These clubs provide specific information for whatever particular car model they specialize in.


For individuals having passion for vehicles, joining a car club is a good option and with so many clubs in the world, finding a satisfactory one is not a problem. There are so many well-established clubs for the masses. Car clubs provide opportunity for auto enthusiasts to realize their dream of driving finest cars from most top manufacturers in the world, like Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and so on. Here are some details regarding some of the well known and amazing clubs around the world.

  1. BMW Car Club of America: - BMW CCA was founded in 1969 and is based in U.S. Today, BMW CCA has 67 chapters nationwide, with around 70,000 car enthusiast. Collection of pleasant, technical and driving events such as Autocross, rallies, and imparting education on topics mainly related to automobiles are arranged by BMW Car Club. Members of this club are subjected to facilities such as exclusive rebates on vehicle, discounts on BMW parts and service, admission to members-only events. Along with that, members receive a monthly copy of the 132-plus page club’s national magazine, “Roundel”.

  2. Classic Car Club Manhattan, NY: - Classic Car Club is one of the World’s famous clubs, which provides its members with vintage classic and moderns. This Car Club of America is about vintage automobiles. However, the focus is given specifically to older sports cars. Classic Car Club entertains its clients, honor employees and by providing full access to a Classic Car Club’s fleet of cherished rides, it surprises its partners. The club has the right cars and the right team to assist their clients and make a lasting impression with them. The club has wide array of amazing cars such as 955 Porsche 550 Spyder, a 1965 Mustang convertible, a 1965 Shelby Cobra.

  3. Classic Sports Racing Groups: - Since 1968, the California-based Classic Sports Racing Group has upheld the pleasure, maintenance, and use of vintage cars, mainly for those cars build in the year 1950s and ‘60s. This car clubs races at three remarkable tracks, Sonoma Raceway and remaining two tracks at Thunder hill. The partnership between CSRG and Sonoma has started in 1973 has continued till this date.

    Sonoma Raceway is a well-known, with demanding multiple configuration track facility. CSRG is less close to capturing a checkered flag and more around the thrill of piloting and maintaining pieces of Motor-sports history. This club even includes cars before World War II, vintage Formula racers and production sport and GT cars, which are refreshed precisely and in a period-correct manner. CSRG keeps an eye on people, for those wining is all that matters. CSRG strictly and fairly follow rules. The club can go to any level to punish people involve in contact & conduct inappropriate to the club’s character.

  4. The Sports Car Club of America: - The club was created in 1944 with one aim: “Bring motor sports to those who are passionate about them”. This car club covers around 114 regions in America. In order to attract new car- lovers, regional and national events on a yearly basis are organized by SCCA. The best part about the SCCA is that people can indulge to all grades, so those who are curious about the group can participate as much or as less as they want. This car club runs programs for all car racers either apprentice or experienced. To be a member of this club only requires passion for cars, sound, speed and atmosphere of motor-sports. It is an establishment that exists to promote, encourage and celebrate competition motor-sports for people.

  5. Exotic Car Country Club, Florida: - For exotic car enthusiasts, the exotic car country club in Florida is the place where one could join to indulge their passion. It is one of the most exclusive car clubs in Florida, whose monthly membership charge ranges between $1,600 and $1,800. Their collection of automotive masterpieces ranges from brute and rugged muscle cars to the latest super-cars. One of the advantages of joining the Exotic Car Country Club is delivery of any vehicle to customer’s doorstep anywhere in the US. Client just pay for the delivery, Exotic Car Country Club will pay the return shipping. Convertibles are more preferred vehicles in Florida due to the state’s hot weather. The limited version of the club offers 288 GTO, F40, F50, and a 550 Barchetta Ferrari, which are definitely plenty to satisfy one’s automobile appetite.

  6. The Veteran Motor Car Club of America: - The club was founded in 1938 and today has around 3,000 members around the Globe. The first VMCCA auto meet was held in 1939, where more than 75 veteran cars were exhibited. VMCCA Golden Award of Excellence, started in 1982 is given to a vehicle for its excellence in performance, appearance and preservation. It is a way to benefits the members. Silver and Bronze awards are also provided. There is also a bi-monthly publication by the club, named, The Bull Horn. The club has national tours and various local chapters throughout the country.

  7. The Vintage Sports Car Club of America: - The Vintage Sports Car Club of America is the oldest automobile club in America and is focused on racing of classic cars against one another. The club is basically for racers having serious inclination towards vintage cars. A year-round schedule of social-events, hill-climb, and rally is organized primarily on the East Coast. This organization offers preservation, operation of vintage sports car. The club’s first publication, “The Bulletin” (later changed to “The Blub Horn”) was launched in March, 1939. Today, the club publishes it bimonthly.

  8. Antique Automobile Club of America: - The AACA club has been developed with the goal of preservation and enjoyment of automobile history of all types. AACA brings car-obsessive’s together through exciting National activities, friendship, and Antique Automobile. The club also issues a 100-page magazine called “The Automobile” that showcases some of the finest cars the club has to offer. The club possesses variety of automobiles from the era of brass to fuel- consumption.

  9. Club Sportiva: - Established in the year 2003, the club have wide collection of cars. Club Sportiva offer cars services, including Exotic Car Share, Rentals, Tours, and Club Membership & Concierge Services. The club has around hundreds of members and is best known for offering superb sports car driving experience. Sportiva facilitates straightforward ultra-luxury and rentals, exotic auto tours and even fractional car-ownership lots. Membership plans provided by Sportiva are outstanding. The membership plans are; Le Mans, Sebring, Nürburgring and Monaco. The club permits its member to access to the club’s fleet of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Audi.

  10. The Otto Club, Boston: - This Boston-based club offers its members the opportunity to drive some of the world’s greatest cars. This club includes a vast range of cars from the Lamborghini Murcielago, the Ferrari 430 Coupe, and Bentley Continental GT. Founded in 2005, this car club is delivering exotic and sporty cars to car enthusiasts since then. The Otto Club car collection is focused on exotic, sporting cars, performance cars that possess a unique driving and styling qualities. For years, this car club is famous for its quality of cars and services. This is one of the Boston’s most fascinating and super luxury car membership club.



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