Winter car care tips

Winter car care tips

Winter car care tips


One of the important parts of everyone’s life is vehicles. They are used almost every day for various works, yet are least taken care of. It’s easy to take the vehicle for granted, but sometimes this leniency ends up with big problem. With every season, the functionality of the vehicle gets affected. But it is during cold season, that the performance of the vehicle gets affected the most. In case of used vehicles the problem is even more. During winter season, a little extra care and attention on vehicles is required. Before driving it is important to check on tires, battery, oil, heating system to avoid any unwanted issue.

It is kind of necessary to warm up the engine for few minutes before driving the vehicle on the roads. Even after warming up the engine drive it is advised to drive it slowly for few miles as the engine gets the speed as one drives. Following few tips during winter season can be very helpful. Here are some tips that can help to keep your car in proper working condition:-

  • It is important to keep the battery of the vehicle charged. Winters have harsh effect on batteries as they drain out very easily, thus vehicle’s battery and charging system should be checked properly.
  • Keep a check on vehicle’s tire as exhausted tires could be dangerous in winters. Check out for vehicle’s tire pressure. As in winters, for every 10 degree drop in temperature, the tire pressure decreases by 1 psi, thus proper checking is required. Also rubbers become less flexible in winters which can cause air leaks. Tire sidewalls should also be checked for any signs of damage or cracking. Tires should also be checked for threads. Make sure that the tires have enough numbers of threads.
  • One should check the spare tire in the trunk for any kind of damage and pressure. The jack should also be checked whether it is in good working condition or not.
  • The exhaust system of the car should be checked for leaks, cracks and holes. As any leaks in the exhaust system could enter in the passenger compartment. CO2 is an odorless gas and can have fatal effect on passenger’s health.
  • It is important that the windshield washer system and wipers are in proper condition, so that one could see properly in all condition. With continuous exposure of rubber to the Sun, they deteriorate, so one should replace the wiper blades after every six months or so. Heater and deforesters should also be checked.
  • Place new antifreeze in the cooling system. To be safe, it is better to change the antifreeze almost after every two years.

The lights and bulbs of the vehicle should also be tested, and burned out ones should be replaced. Brakes of the vehicles should be checked routinely for safety purpose. Neglecting of checking the transmission could cause a major failure so should be checked periodically. Also fluid should be changed after prescribed interval of time. One should also keep the fuel tank almost half full always as cold weather causes condensation in the system.


Some recommended Winter Services:-

  • Check the antifreeze:-
    Vehicle’s antifreeze is an essential part and requires special protection during the winter season. The car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. One should assure that the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50. The drive belts, clamps, and hoses should be checked regularly by trained mechanic.

  • Inspect the spark plug wires:-
    Cracked up plug wires affect performance, gas mileage and general reliability. Make sure that the wires are in good shape.

  • Check the windshield washer fluid:-
    It is beneficial to fill the washer fluid reservoir with washer fluid only as it won’t freeze.

  • Carry emergency kit:-
    One should always carry an emergency kit as one never knows what will happen on the road. So carry a shovel, a flashlight with extra batteries, tire chains, extra gloves, boots, and blanket.



Reading the manual or handbook is important as they recommend service schedules. These handbooks contain basic information regarding the vehicle and can be turn useful during unexpected breakdown condition. In order to avoid hassle and problems during this harsh weather, it is important to spend some time on the vehicle.


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