What makes Toyota World famous automaker?

What makes Toyota World famous automaker?

What makes Toyota World famous automaker?


Automobile manufacturer that is best recognized for building reliable cars is Toyota Motors. Toyota vehicles have outstanding record for offering reliability and durability. They are known for providing convenience, comfort and safety to their customers. Any automobiles such as cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs that are built by the Japanese automaker are not only incredibly reliable, but unparalleled in efficiency and value. Older Toyota vehicles are still hitting the roadways as they are most strong and firm vehicles available. With typical Toyota standard, toughness and dependability, its vehicles are absolutely efficient, economical, and Tough.

Let’s look from where Toyota started its journey to be a top automaker in the world. Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer. This Japanese automobile company started as a division of Toyota Automatic Loom Works for commercial weaving applications in the town of Koromo. Later on they were hired by Japanese government for manufacturing reasonable cars for military purposes. Toyota’s first vehicles were the A1 passenger car and the G1 in 1935. In ’50, Toyota expanded its area by introducing small cars. With improvement in every vehicle, Toyota Motors reduce the gap gradually and eventually turned out to be the world’s best automobile maker.


From the massive earthquake and tsunami of 2011 that shook the Japan’s economy to the core, Toyota has made an impressive comeback. The disaster damaged the company’s production unit enormously. Toyota hasn’t been immune to the consequences of the natural disaster, but strives to come back.


From outstanding seating comfort to its compact styling, no matter with which brand, Toyota is compared to, the Toyota’s innovative features always stood out. On the scale of reliability, Toyota surpasses almost every vehicle present. With every vehicle of Toyota there is a commitment of providing the best quality vehicle to the customer. Toyota’s popular models like Camry, Lexus, and Scion even outclass the sales of models of brands like Mercedes, BMW, and GM. Lexus even set records for decades. The list of Toyota’s accomplishment is truly astonishing. Whether it’s Toyota’s most selling vehicle, Corolla or its best selling compact/mid-sized truck, Toyota Tacoma, every vehicle is ruling its genre from ages.


Toyota is a dominant player in the field of automobile industry and has taken massive steps in order to develop the vehicles that are environment friendly. By manufacturing Prius, they become one of the first major auto makers to manufacture Hybrid vehicles. And now with the launch Toyota FCV, which is a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, Toyota will become the world’s first brand to sell hydrogen FCV commercially.



Innovation and leadership has been Toyota’s gift from the beginning. Toyota always pays attention towards the luxury and safety of its buyer, with end result definitely a vehicle one can be proud to drive. No matter what the vehicle is, Toyota’s vehicles have always lived up to the expectation of buyers. The vehicles are always been at the zenith of their segments, betting almost every car in the competition in the areas of style, comfort and fuel-efficiency.


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