What could damage the car engine?

What could damage the car engine?

What could damage the car engine?


Nowadays, vehicles are one of the most important part one’s lives. They are used almost daily for every purpose, but still least taken care of. It is important to take care of vehicle, especially its engine. The engine is the heart of the car. Without a proper functioning engine, car will not work properly. Proper sticking to guidelines is required for vehicle maintenance in order to avoid unwanted damage and cost for repairing. Engine repair is often complicated and time-consuming process, thus proper maintenance should be taken on the vehicle.

New vehicles require less maintenance, whereas old require more. There are some car engines that don’t need any maintenance for first five to seven years. But, after few years’ proper maintenance and repairs is required. Negligence from the owner can cause problem in the future. So, here are some of the mistakes that should be avoided.

Ignoring the signals:-

One of the major mistake done by vehicle owners is ignoring the signals. There are special warning bulbs installed in almost all cars to get people know what is going inside the engine. Attention should be given, whenever they blink as they give message every time they blink. Don’t just ignore them; instead understand what causing the warning bulb to illuminate. Visit a service station where a mechanic can help you to identify the problem.

The lights you’ll probably want to pay the most attention to are:-

  • Check Oil/Oil Level
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Low Check Engine


No Attention to Fluids:-

The car fluid degrades when one drives the car or even keeps it in the garage. On an average one should change the vehicle’s oil after five thousand kilometers. Without proper supply of fluid, performance of the vehicle gradually decreases. One must regularly check the engine oil to see whether or not it requires replacement. Even if there are no coolants in the vehicle, the engine will heat up and can drastically affect the condition of the vehicle.


Ignoring the manual:-

Every car comes with a manual and the owner should read it carefully as it provide knowledge about the car. The manual is there to guide the owner regarding various things related to the car. Throwing away the manuals or not reading them is a step towards damaging the engine as these manuals are filled with great information that one can use to save the car engine. Small problems can easily be solved as these manuals explain everything in details and in simple language.


Neglecting the services:-

No matter from which brand cars are bought from, all should be taken care. Experts hand on the vehicle is required after a specific period of time. It is good to get the vehicle serviced even if there are no signs of wear and tear. Little care and good handling can keep the vehicle going for years without complaint. Taking the vehicle to the mechanic every few months to get it inspected for any potential danger is a good practice. A mere carelessness in the maintenance can lead to collapse or breakdown of the vehicle.


Cheap Parts:-

There is many forged parts available in the market for various parts of the automobile. As car parts are quite expensive, people often buy fake parts as they are cheap and easily available. But in the long run, these parts affect the functioning of the vehicle drastically. Counterfeit parts are unreliable and can get tarnished very easily.



Other factors such as self upgrading the vehicle and putting pressure on the engine beyond its capacity also affect the engine severely. Without complete knowledge regarding the car, no up-gradation should be done on the vehicle. Extra pressure on the vehicle engine can deteriorate the overall performance of the vehicle. Even foul smell from the car is the sign that car may not be working properly. Smell of the burning rubber from the vehicle means that drive belts beneath the hood are loose or either worn out. The smell could be from the coolant leaking or signal oil. Even being durable, car’s engine cannot resist high temperature for longer period of time. At extremities, not only the engine, but seal and gasket also gets affected.


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