Top 10 car makers in the world

Top 10 car makers in the world

Top 10 car makers in the world


At present, one of the most important parts of one’s life is automobiles. People from every age hold interest for cars. With so many breathtaking cars and their latest technologies, it’s obvious to have inclination towards vehicles. People from almost every country wait eagerly for the launch of new vehicles from top makers across the world. Especially in European and developed nations, craze for cars is worth-watching.

Automobiles from different automakers across the world are launching new vehicles every year as customers always want to know what is new in cars. There is a strong competition among automotive companies in order to achieve the top ranking by providing best services to their consumers. The vehicle is chosen by consumers on the basis of quality, safety, seat comfort, performance, design, technology, value, and fuel-economy. On these criteria only, one automaker surpasses other in the race of being the top automaker. Here is the list of this year’s top 10 car companies in the world.

1. Toyota Motors:-

Toyota Motors Corporation, a Japanese automobile manufacturer clanged the number one spot among World’s top car makers. The main reason that Toyota stood at top place is because of its good image with the public. Every time Toyota delivers a vehicle, it instantly draws crowd. Toyota’s popularity has not confined within Asian market only. Toyota saw an unexpected growth in North America and Europe, surpassing all the expectations. Overseas market helped a lot in Toyota’s sale as a large portion of its cars is sold in overseas market. Toyota’s best selling model is Toyota Corolla and it is still among top selling models in the world. Toyota always pays attention towards the luxury and safety of its buyer, with end result definitely hard to match at least at this point. With almost every car Toyota delivers, it commits to provide the best quality.


2. General Motors:-

America’s General Motors, popularly known as GM, ranked just behind Toyota Motors in World’s car makers list. GM has huge list of loyal fan following that help the maker to achieve the second spot. Many consumers love to stick with the company even though there are other cars at cheaper rates. With Thirteen brand names, the company produced vehicles in around Thirty Seven countries. General Motors since its foundation in 1908 is known for delivering exceptionally great cars with safety being the foremost priority. GM aimed to serve its customers by designing and selling World’s best car throughout its journey.


3. Volkswagen Group:-

Volkswagen Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, a German automobile maker is known for its design and performance among masses. Established in the year 1937, Volkswagen manufacture cars that gives delightful driving experience. Volkswagen Group is the largest car maker in Europe. In Western Europe, one of the four cars is Volkswagen manufactured. For the very first time, Germany’s Volkswagen Group that manufacture cars, like Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche is planning to deliver, more than 10 million vehicles Worldwide. Passion to deliver excellent performance and superb quality cars is the heart of development of every car developed by Volkswagen group.


4. Ford Motors:-

Ford makers are back in the driver seat. With the headquarters in Dearborn, Ford Motors simply known as Ford was found in 1903 by Henry Ford. The company’s commercial and passenger vehicles are sold under Ford name, while under Lincoln’s name the company sells its luxury cars. The F Series pickup is Ford’s biggest seller in the U.S., and Canada. North America continues to be the favorite market for Ford brand vehicles.


5. BMW Group:-

With the three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group offers its customers with a unique driving experience. Last year BMW debuted in the area of electric series car with the launch of BMW i3. With the ‘i’ brand, the BMW Group presented the first all-electric series model. The designs and style incorporated by BMW Group in its model, make it one of the most fascinating and successful automaker in the world.


6. Nissan Group:-

A Japanese automotive company founded in 1933 is among Japan’s top 15 powerful groups. Nissan always pays attention towards the luxury and safety of its buyer, with end result definitely a vehicle one is proud to drive. The automobile group never compromises on maintenance for the price. Nissan is adapting very fast with the changing world. Nissan with its partner, Renault is ready to deliver its customers with more dynamic and affordable cars. Nissan is trying to keep its loyal fan base and attract new ones.


7. Hyundai Motor Group:-

South-Korean based top-quality car manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Group is founded in 1947. The company’s vision to take up economic and social responsibility and to achieve sustainable growth helped the company to achieve a stature in the society. A trio of Hyundai Sedans, including Genesis, Grandeur and Sonata, helped Hyundai a lot to attain a position in top 10 World’s best cars. This automobile maker is known for delivering safe and quality vehicles. Hyundai Motor Company manufactures its vehicles under Hyundai brand, which along with Kia comprises the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group.


8. Honda Motors:-

Honda Motors made its name itself by manufacturing reliable and economical vehicles. This is Japan’s second largest automaker company. Since 1957, this automobile manufacturer is ruling the heart of millions. Honda’s compact crossover, Honda CR-V was Honda Motor’s bestseller. Honda’s current lineup consists of marine engines, lawn mowers, generators, tillers, ATVs, small business jets, snow blowers along with cars and motorbikes. The strength of Honda lies in its technological advances, research and understanding customer’s need.


9. Mercedes-Benz:-

This German automotive manufacturer is known for offering luxury cars that are believed to be among the best selling cars in the whole world. The cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz come with breathtaking, exotic and spectacular looks. The World waits for the arrival of every car launched by this maker. The success story of Mercedes-Benz not only confined to Europe, it continues in the Asian market too. Mercedes-Benz stands true to its slogan, i.e. “Das Beste oder nichts” or “The best or nothing”.


10. Jaguar:-

A British automotive founded in 1922 was originally in motorcycle business, with car manufacturing as a sideline business. Jaguar made its name in the car segment by developing eye-catching sport cars. The Jaguar-Land Rover merges brought two most loved British car brands together. The brand named for offering luxury cars is being owned by Tata Motors since 2008. The cars manufactured by Jaguars are more dynamic and performance driven.



The race for being the best automobile is never ending. Every year one or another automaker will come up with different automobile to emerge as the best. So, like every year the battle will heat up again next time. The automobile sector is very competitive as every car maker is launching new models with advance technologies. However, buying a new model is not within everyone’s financial reach. Thus, for them going with a used model is an option. There are many portals available that give buyers opportunities to purchase used cars from top makers across the world. One such portal is, that offers its buyers or used vehicle importers any used vehicle from Japanese makers at reasonable prices.


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