When to know the car tires require replacement

When to know the car tires require replacement

When to know the car tires require replacement


Today, vehicles have become one of the most important parts of one’s life, they are used almost daily. In spite of being so much in need, they are least taken care of. Out of all parts of the vehicle, tires are vehicles only part that remains in contact with roads continuously. They are responsible for safety, handling, stability, braking of the vehicle. So, necessary care is required to keep them in proper working condition.

Keeping the car tires inflated not only increase the car’s fuel efficiency, but also improves car’s management, braking ability and ride quality. Tires are part of the vehicle that bear incredible amount of pressure and require proper maintenance. Every vehicle either new or used vehicle requires maintenance and of which taking care of the car’s tire is one of the most important and simplest maintenance tasks to do. Regular checking and certain maintenance tips should be followed, in order to enjoy safe driving. Here are some points that can give you idea when to replace your tires

  • Age of Tires: - It is important to replace tires of the car after a period of seven and eight years depending upon manufacturer’s recommendation. As a matter of fact, there is no point in placing a date on when a tire expires. The wearing of a tire depends upon factors such as heat, storage and conditions that can reduce the life of the tire. Tires have a chemical compounds built into the rubber called “anti-ozinant”, that slow down the aging process, but there is nothing that could control the effect of time on rubber.

    Even if there are sufficient threads left on the tire, but if the tire has passed the five- year mark, it’s time to examine it. Tires affect a lot on the handling and braking system of the vehicle.

  • Exposure to heat: - It is known that exposure of heat and the Sun causes adverse effect on the vehicle. It may even cause structural changes to the vehicle tires. However, these changes are of not much concern in modern climate region.

  • Bubbling: - If there are any spots on the sidewall or tread that are swelled then it is important to get the tire of your vehicle replaced. These may occurs due to dip or piece of road debris.

  • Wear on one side: - This could happen due to poor alignment, worn ball joint or any other bent suspension part. The vehicle should be checked for proper alignment and testing of suspension components.

  • Wear at the edges: - Wear at the outer edge can cause some serious damage to the vehicle. Under inflation occurs as a result of this type of wear. Due to under inflation, much pressure is placed on the edges rather than on the center.

  • Wear in the center: - Wear in the center of tread may occur due to over inflation. One should avoid inflating the tires above the maximum rated pressure. Over inflation avoids the required contact of edges with the road, resulting in putting much pressure on the middle section. Tread wear constitute towards safety. When tread of the tire are exhausted, then it becomes difficult for the vehicle to respond in harsh weather conditions. Tread help the vehicle to have a good grip on the road.


It’s not that only above stated things affects the vehicle’s tire there are many other things that are responsible for tire wear. Vehicle tire just don’t get worn through age or use, other factors such as emergency braking, under or over inflation also accountable for tire worn out. Proper alignment of tires is important because if tires are not properly aligned, one edge of the tire can wear more rapidly than the other edge.


Replacing tires of the vehicle when they are completely worn out is not a smart decision. One should know when to replace the vehicle tire as per the requirement in their region. If one is living in cold-snowy region, then it is required to replace tires when they reach 5/32’’ of the remaining tread depth. More tread depth is required as the vehicle tires have to condense the snow and release it as they roll. However, in rain and wet road, tires should be replaced when they reach 4/32’’ of the remaining tread depth. As in these areas, enough tread depth is required to allow the rain to escape through tire’s grooves.



Tires are quite expensive, thus sometimes people prefer to go with the used ones. It is advised not to buy a used tire as with buying a used tire, one may be avoiding the advancements in the technology that took place over past few years. Replacing tires with cheap and poor quality ones affect the driving badly. Understanding the need of right quality of tires for the vehicle is important. There are many tires available in the market, from economy to high performance in different sizes and brands suitable for the customer. Choose the tire depending upon the requirement of your vehicle. Search the market before you shop.


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