How to choose the right tire for the vehicle?

How to choose the right tire for the vehicle?

How to choose the right tire for the vehicle?


Every vehicle owner is well aware about the importance of choosing the right tires for the vehicle. This is an important decision as it is related to the safety of the driver along with other occupants. As far as possible, make sure that all the four tires of the vehicle are identical, i.e. the brand, speed rating, size and line of all tires should be same. Comprise in tires should not be done as it is related with handling and safety.

Tires are vital component of car safety and taking them for granted often lead to serious damage. In fact, tires contribute towards the safety of the vehicle the most in comparison to other components. These are vehicles only part that remain in contact with the road all the time, thus require a little extra care. For complete safety of the vehicle driver must check them after a regular interval of time.


Before doing anything, just decide how many tires you need i.e., whether the vehicle requires just one tire or the pair of tires require replacement. In case of any damage to one tire of the vehicle, that particular tire needs replacement, while in case of wear and tear, one may need two tire replacement with matches with the existing ones. If wear and tear is the reason for tires replacement, then consult the mechanic and know the cause such as loose mechanical parts, misaligned wheels or a lack of tire rotation. Knowing the core cause of the problem is important, otherwise that problem might come up again after sometime.


A better decision is to replace all tires of the vehicle as one gets a wide range of options. It also shows that all tires of the vehicles are wearing out together. One should always go for tires from tire category types that meet their requirements and budget.


The next thing to do is to determine the size of tires required. Generally, old ones are replaced with the new ones of same size. It is advised to check the manual to know the exact size of the vehicle’s tire. It can be slightly complex to buy the tire of correct size, if one intends to upgrade size of original equipment set of the vehicle. It is important to choose the correct tires for the vehicle as even new tires of the car will wear and tear fast due to overload. By choosing the tire of lower profile one is increasing the ride quality and handling of the vehicle. If one choose to upgrade the size of the vehicle, then can go with plus sizing as they are very popular.


Now, one should decide the type of tires to buy. This section has numerous options such as seasonal tires, or all season tires. Owner can choose any tire depending upon their region’s weather conditions. Always remember to take the worst driving condition into account while selecting a tire. Going for tires which are compatible with all weather condition is a nice choice as one gets good performance throughout the year, although it eventually affects the condition of the tire.



While buying something, cost matters the most. But one should never take their safety for granted in order to save few bucks. One can go for tires of any size, quality, but should remember to keep their safety at the priority. Select the tires that meet up your vehicle’s requirement. There are wide ranges of tires depending upon the vehicle styles and driving habits. It is beneficial to select high quality tires as cheap one requires early replacement.


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