Future of Japanese used cars export market

Future of Japanese used cars export market

Future of Japanese used cars export market


Japan is a highly motorized society. Each year around thousands of new models are introduced by various automakers. The country is a home of various makers, and people make their choices to buy a vehicle based on their own preferences and needs. With the demand for new vehicles, demand for Japanese used vehicles is also rising at faster pace. The country’s second-hand auto market is largely trusted across the world. Even the economy of many countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles. The importation of used vehicles from Japan in any country is not a difficult job. With so many used vehicle portals it has become quite easy to import a Japanese used vehicle. There are many exporters who even assist used vehicle importers while purchasing a used vehicle.

Large numbers of used vehicles from Japan are exported to almost all countries across the world. Africa, the second-largest continent in the world is a major importer of Japanese used vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan are imported by nearly all African countries. The availability of large numbers of used vehicles on the streets of African countries, constitute towards of the popularity of Japanese vehicles in these countries. Not only used vehicles, even machinery and parts are imported by Africa. Likewise, many Asian countries import used vehicles from Japan. Myanmar is among largest importer of used vehicles. The automobile markets of these countries poses many opportunities for Japanese exporters as people have a strong inclination towards Japanese used vehicles.


The market of Japanese used cars in other countries such as Australia, New Zealand is also increasing. Last year only, New Zealand, imported around 80,700 used vehicles from Japan. It has been expected that the used car market this year will expand almost double in comparison to last year. There are other countries also where the Japanese used car market is escalating.


There are many nations that are under-developed thus, don’t have much to do with new cars as many people cannot afford to purchase a new car. Plus in some countries there is a huge amount of taxation from the government for registering a new vehicle, making used cars a feasible option. The economy of many developing countries is growing. With the increased in the spending by the middle class, there has been a significant increment in the purchase of vehicles.


Japan has acquired the top most spot as the most consistent and reasonable vehicle manufacturing market. While offering used vehicles, Japanese market gives the best combination in price, economy, quality standard and flexibility. The used car market of the country holds a very vast future. The main reason that constitute towards the popularity of Japanese vehicles is because they are reliable, high on quality and safe to drive. Many developing and even developed countries are importing Japanese used vehicles.



The Japanese used car market is very big and it keeps on increasing. Every year, millions of used vehicles are being exported to almost all countries across the world. The limited size of the new car market and limited growth potential in many countries gives fair opportunities to Japanese dealers to make a fortune. Japan is doing wonders in its used vehicle market and there are assumptions that by coming years the market will expand at a much faster pace.


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