What is JUMVEA?

What is JUMVEA?

What is JUMVEA?


Japan is a leading source in the area of automobile industry. Within a year, Japan produced and export large numbers of vehicles. Not only new vehicles, but used vehicles are also exported from Japan. With time popularity of Japanese used vehicles increases drastically and as a result large numbers of used vehicles are exported. It is easy to join the business of export for anyone, which increases the competition and ultimately leads to illegitimate export of vehicles such as illegally modified or stolen vehicles. To prevent used vehicle importers or buyers from fraud or being scammed while buying cars from Japan many organizations were formed and one such organization is JUMVEA.

Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Alliance popularly abbreviated as JUMVEA was established in the year 1995 on September 14. In the year 1997, the organization got approval from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), today known as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). When the organization started there were only 60 members, but every year the number of members is increasing significantly and it has around 250 registered members now. Even though the office of JUMVEA is located in Tokyo, but the organization is covering almost whole Japan.


How can an importer benefited from JUMVEA:-

  • JUMVEA aims to prevent any unfair transactions such as stolen vehicles, illegally modified vehicles, and also ensure sound development of the used motor vehicle export business.
  • If a buyer wishes to buy a used vehicle, then one can visit JUMVEA member’s list as the members of JUMVEA are legally and certified Japan companies. This means all members have license to sell the vehicle.
  • To give buyers more security with the payment, JUMVEA has a secure payment service called JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST). By using JUST services buyers do not have to worry regarding their money even if the used vehicle exporter does not ship the vehicle. JUST ensures quick and easy supply of best quality used vehicles from Japan without any worries of loss or fraud.


This non-profit government recognized business association was developed with the purpose to exchange information and establish fair trade in the pre-owned vehicle export industry and work towards the improvement and development of the export business, particularly the dealership of used vehicles.



The JUMVEA aims to establish a smooth international market for used vehicle industry by improving relationship with the Government of the countries who import used vehicles, establishing order in the used motor vehicle export industry, and attempting to develop that business. If a used vehicle importer wish to buy a reconditioned Japanese vehicle, it would be good from importer’s part to check whether or not the exporter is the member of the JUMVEA. It is a platform to judge the goodwill of the exporter.


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