European or Japanese cars- which one to choose

European or Japanese cars- which one to choose

European or Japanese cars- which one to choose


The phrase “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” is followed in the best way by automobile industry. It is an ever changing and diversified industry. Automobile industries and makers are making ways to make driving a pleasurable experience. With new technologies incorporated in vehicles, it seems that vehicles are becoming smarter, lighter, safer and more fun to drive. Today the automobile industries are not confined to their region only. Automakers have their plants in other countries and sometimes there is even usage of spare parts from other country, so calling a car completely Japanese or German or Italian is not practically correct.

With more numbers of popular brands and names, Japanese and European automakers have little edge over other automakers. People depend on Japanese vehicles as they are reliable, easy to maintain, cost-effective. Japanese cars are not only reasonable, but they are good on quality, high on safety. On the other hand, European cars are known for their top notch quality and smoothness. It’s the looks that make European cars even more desirable. While buying a Japanese car, buyers buy reliability, whereas with European car comes power and performance. The debate on which is the world’s number one automaker is a very old age debate and is still going on. So, on the basis of the qualities of both these automakers, here are few differences that separate these two major automobile manufacturing regions. These differences can even help buyers to make a choice while buying a vehicle. 

  • Design/Looks:-
    Looking at Lamborghini or Porsche it is quite evident that Europeans make some of world’s finest cars. It seems that European automakers are not satisfied until the car they’re working on looks fantastic. With perfect edges or rounds, color, European cars have everything that one desires in his/her car. Decency of these cars even makes them more extraordinary. Not only the best models of the top companies, even regular European cars have fantastic looks and magnetic design. It’s one area in which Japanese makers need to groom their skills. Even though Japanese cars are good looking, but they’re not as attractive and breathtaking as European cars.

  • Quality:-
    Quality is also one of the priorities of European automakers. Their vehicles offer quality that doesn’t come cheap, but works efficiently. Japanese cars are also known for their quality. The quality of cars Japan makers produce is excellent and unbeatable. Good mileage and high quality are always been the sales points of Japanese cars.

  • Performance:-
    In terms of performance or power, it is quite difficult to find a substitute of European makers. Models of top European automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz are some of the best performing vehicles ever built. The power and acceleration of these cars are much more than their Japanese counterparts.

  • Reliability:-
    European automakers do lead in terms of offering more acceleration, power, performance, but they do fall short in terms of reliability. Japanese cars have best track record when it comes to reliability. Manufacturing reliable cars is not only confined only to Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. Other Japanese automakers such as Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Daihatsu manufacture equivalently reliable vehicles. By providing reliable and safe cars, Japanese automakers have made huge imprints on the heart of customers.

  • Longevity:-
    Japanese cars may not run as fast as their European equivalents, but they generally run for a much longer period of time. Japanese vehicles are known for their requirement of less maintenance; rarely major repairs are required on Japanese vehicles. Japanese vehicles don’t break down so easily, they’re designed to go for long distance.



It is not easy to choose between the two world’s finest automakers. Both European and Japanese automakers are known across the globe for manufacturing finest cars. It is difficult to match up with the quality, features and design of vehicles manufactured by these makers. Hence, it is completely buyer’s decision to choose a vehicle from the manufacturer of his/her choice. Always remember, no matter whether it is a Japanese car or European, necessary maintenance is required for every car. So, in order to make sure that the vehicle’s engine and other parts last for long, it’s essential to follow the necessary maintenance procedures at schedule time.


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