Driving tips on rough roads

Driving tips on rough roads

Driving tips on rough roads


One of the most preferred modes of transportation is cars. They are used almost daily for varied purposes. Whether the vehicle is new or old, necessary maintenance is required on them. One should drive the vehicle as per the condition of roads. Not all road conditions are same, and there are different ways to handle the vehicle depending upon the situation. While driving on gravel roads, or wet roads certain tips are to be followed, in the same way one should follow the tips while driving on rough roads. Rough roads are uncomfortable, and can even harm the vehicle and tires. The most common tip while driving is to keep tires properly inflated. Along with this, there are certain other guidelines that are to be followed.

During driving one prefers roads that are well-built, as rough roads are bumpy and can affect the vehicle. While driving through rocky roads, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is in proper condition and one is well planned as the last thing one wants is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken car and no hope for rescue. Hence, to avoid landing into any such situations anytime here are few tips that should be followed as they can come in handy while driving along the rough road.


  • Know your vehicle:-
    Read the manual to understand and know the vehicle better. Identify the wheel that drives the vehicle as it helps the driver to have control over the vehicle under undesirable road conditions and what to do if gets stuck in unwanted conditions. For instance, 4WD vehicles are designed to handle rough and uneven surfaces. AWD vehicles can move over smaller rocks (within a few inches of its clearance height). Whereas two-wheel drives should stick to maintained dirt or gravel.

  • Transform the vehicle:-
    If one drives commonly on rough roads, then it is beneficial to adjust or modify the vehicle accordingly in order to make driving more pleasurable and at ease. One should buy tires that are designed specifically for rough roads as they have better grip, thus gives more safety and make riding more comfortable.

  • Slow Down:-
    It is advised to go slow while driving on the road filled with large bumps, holes in order to avoid wearing of the tires and reduce strain on the vehicle. It is okay to drive normally on bumps, but in potholes one should slow down. A little extra effort won’t do any harm to the vehicle; it will in turn help to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

  • Emergency Kit:-
    Last but definitely one of the most important points to consider is to keep emergency equipment available at all the time. While driving it is important to keep equipment such as shovel, spare tire, tire jack, first aid kit with oneself as with necessary equipment, it would be easy to get out of a situation in case any problem occurs.


Potholes also damage the vehicle severely. When the vehicle encounters a pothole, then vehicle’s suspension parts and steering gets seriously affected. If one lives in an area, where potholes are common, then there are certain tips that should be followed-

  1. Keep a safe distance in front of the vehicle, so to easily avoid potholes without getting into them.
  2. If it is not possible to avoid the pothole, then it is better to slow down before actually hitting it. Avoid placing brakes directly over the pothole as it could cause more damage to the vehicle.
  3. When driving over the pothole, keep the speed in control and firmly hold the steering to avoid any injury.
  4. Pay attention while driving over puddles as there might be a very deep pothole.



A lot of time is spent by people on driving their cars. Vehicles have nowadays become part and parcels of one’s life. While driving one should always drive according to the road’s condition. Driving in the rough region requires practice and carefulness. If above given tips are followed, then the journey on rough roads would become more smooth and easy.


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