May 4- Greenery Day (Midori no hi)

May 4- Greenery Day (Midori no hi)

May 4- Greenery Day (Midori no hi)


As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to commune with the environment and nature and to be thankful for the blessings. Started in the year 1989, after the death of the Showa Emperor, the day was celebrated on 29th April. But later on in 2007, Greenery Day moved to May 4 to acknowledge the Emperor’s love for plants and nature. Greenery Day is a third holiday of Japan Golden Week. It falls after Showa Day and Constitutional Memorial Day.


Until 2007, the day was known as “in between day” as according to Japanese holiday rule, the day that falls between two holidays will also be a holiday. Since, it falls between Constitutional Memorial Day and Children’s Day, it was too declared as a holiday.

The day was chosen to acknowledge Hirohito’s love for plants without referring to the Emperor’s era directly. Emperor Hirohito was a nature’s lover and had passion towards the field of marine biology. In fact, during his era, there was a laboratory designed specifically for sea animals belonging to a class known as Hydrozoans in his palace.


Originally, the day was observed on 29th April, but later in accordance with the revision of Law, Greenery Day was moved to 4th May and April 29th became Showa Day in memory of the Emperor Hirohito, who has the largest serving reign. After Emperor Hirohito’s death, Showa is the posthumous name given to him.


As the holiday falls between the Japan’s Golden Week, it is celebrated with great joy and harmony in Japan. The day stays true to its name as on this day, various events occur to bring people closer to the nature. One such event is planting of trees across the country to show appreciation towards nature. This is another holiday of Japan’s Golden Week which Japanese celebrate with full fun and enjoyment.



If anyone wishes to visit Japan during this period, do book in advance as the season is quite busy and it is difficult to find accommodation and tickets. Even though fares are quite high, but still people travel to Japan at this time as it is the very pleasant time of the year and the temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold.

Keep reading as we’ll be back soon with Golden Week’s last holiday, Children’s Day.


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