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Japan Used Cars | Japanese Used Cars | Used Cars | Japan Cars

Japanese motorbikes are just as popular as Japanese cars, Buses, Trucks and machinery. Japan has number of motorbike producer brands who are world famous like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Local brands get no market share in their own country and this is why some countries impose restrictions. But still people just want to buy Japanese motorbikes. These motorbikes are available from below 50cc to 250cc capacity. There are bikes to suit every ones needs and tastes In most countries these brands are so popular that you hardly find any other brand motorbikes. The popularity is due to design, performance, safety, mileage, durability and easily available parts for these Japanese brands anywhere in the world. Japanese used motorcycle and two wheelers are very popular too. Used motorcycles from Japan are just as good as new ones and available at very low price.

About 4,90,000 motorbikes and two-wheelers are exported in fiscal year 2010 from Japan to almost all the countries of the world specially in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. A large number of used motorcycles and two wheelers are also exported from Japan. All motor bike safaris and rallies are possible and pleasurable due to these used Japanese Motorbikes. You must be thinking about ‘How to buy these wonderful motorbikes for yourself?’

You can import these bikes for yourself with not much difficulty if the import of Japanese used motorcycles is allowed in your country. Many countries allow the import of used bikes and two-wheelers with few regulations.

Let me inform you the easy way to purchase your dream motorbike which is best in quality and low in price.


  • Check the regulations of importing the motorbike in your country.
  • Motorbikes are not shipped in single units as shipping charges per bike will be too high. Look for importer, dealer or bike shop owner who may be interested to import.
  • Now look for a well established, reliable and experienced used motorbike exporter in Japan. It’s easy, just log on to Japanese used vehicle portals on the internet.
  • Check the details of the exporters carefully and be sure they are genuine.
  • Contact them and inform them which brand and model and price you prefer.
  • They will inform you their terms and payment details.
  • Most cases they ask you to pay advance payment of about JPY 50,000 per bike.
  • They will provide you access to the auctions by internet, where you will be able to choose which bike you want to bid on.
  • Once you choose your model and decide the bid price inform your exporter, they will bid on the bike at your price.
  • If successful, the purchase price of the vehicle at auction is forwarded to the customer along with the fees associated with it. If unsuccessful, the results of the auction are forwarded to the customer for review.
  • You need to pay the balance amount within 3 -5 days.
  • Exporter will do the necessary formalities and export your favorite Japanese used bike to your destination port.
  • Exporter will send the documents to you by courier and you can get ready to enjoy riding the motorbike of your dreams.
  • If you are used bike dealer in your country and it will be best and cheap to import used bikes in bulk in container or import with cars in container to save freight. Individual bike (one unit) freight cost is always expensive.

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