Vehicle parts to be taken care of this summer

Vehicle parts to be taken care of this summer

Vehicle parts to be taken care of this summer


A car is a beloved thing for its buyer as it provides the greatest comforts that one can have. But it should be taken care of properly otherwise might get damaged. The effect of change in temperature and weather is not quite noticeable and as result people often overlook the condition of their vehicle and its parts. We might escape the heat of the summer by cool comfort of the air conditioner. While on the other side, the lifespan of our vehicle parts gets affected drastically due to heat. Even though these parts are designed to withstand the engine heat, but still constant exposure to severe heat leave parts to early corrosion and substitution.

Summers can be tough on car, as high temperatures destroy batteries, affect the cooling system and tires immensely. It is not always possible to avoid problems, but one can reduce the probability of getting stuck in a problem by taking necessary care of the vehicle and its parts. So, here are some parts that one needs to monitor carefully this summer as they are most likely to be affected by extreme heat.


  • Oil:-
    Another important task to do in summers is to check the oil in the car. One should regularly check it and change it if it is low or dirty. Thickness of the oil determines viscosity and that could change depending upon the temperature. That means, warmer the oil is, more thinner it will be. And if the oil is too thin, then the engine won’t get proper lubrication and it will not work properly. Check both the level and the quality of oil to determine the time for oil change. Change the oil after specified period in order to get fine vehicle performance. To check the oil, park the vehicle on level ground and look at the oil level. If there has been no oil change and oil filter change in the last thousand miles, then one should better change before planning for any road trip. Read on the manual to decide the kind of oil the vehicle need during summer.

  • Coolant and radiator:-
    The most difficult task for the car during summer is to stay cool as it is very easy for a car to overheat during this season. One can help by performing proper maintenance on the vehicle. As per the thumb rule, one should flush the radiator and add new coolant after every two years. While changing it by yourself make that the mixture of antifreeze and water is 50/50 or can go with a pre-mixed coolant solution. As a piece of advice, never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

  • Belts and hoses:-
    Look out for cracks and leaks in hoses and for cracks or damage on belts as the heat affect these parts immensely. If belt or hoses break down it causes the car to overheat. In modern vehicles, belts and hoses have longer lifespan, but that doesn’t imply that they can work forever. In case one doesn’t know when exactly you have replaced them before, then change it before going for any long trip.

  • Air filter:-
    If driving is common on dusty and gravel roads, then one must perform regular maintenance on the air filter. If it looks dirty, then one should replace it with new as a dirty one decreases the mileage of the engine. The clean air filter helps the car to breathe better and improves mileage.

  • Battery:-
    Various studies have proven that the effect of extreme heat during summer times is worse in comparison to the cold of the winter. Battery fluid evaporates due to heat, which results in corrosion across the terminals and the connecting cables. Without the fluid the lifetime of batteries shortens and they fail eventually. The rate of corrosion increases due to heat which blocks the contact between the battery and engine. To minimize this problem, consult with your mechanic.

  • Air conditioner:-
    Check the air conditioner for usual cooling. If it fails to do so, then there is a need to change the refrigerant. Also check for another cause such as leak, loose drive belt or a clogged condenser. Both the coolant levels in the air conditioner and the pumps are affected the most due to the heat of summer.

  • Wipers:-
    If your car’s windshield wipers were used harshly this winter or on the other hand, even if they were barely used, then get them replace as these wipers are made of blades that dry up. If you are planning to drive in areas common with summer rain, then get them checked as to make sure they are in good condition. Make sure they don’t have crack, torn or contaminated rubber.

  • Undercarriage:-
    To make the vehicle work perfectly during summer, make sure it does not have any traces of winter. During winter, the road salt and other substance covered the undercarriage that eats all the metal and cause rust to occur under the vehicle. It can also affect the engine and transmission to run hotter as heat cannot escape. Wash your car, with undercarriage wash as an option.

  • Tires:-
    As high temperature adds extra stress on the tires, hence special care should be given to them. To increase the lifespan, and safety, check the inflation pressure and condition of tires monthly. It is necessary to have properly inflated tires all the time as during summers air pressure in warm tires rises. As per the rules, for every 10° Fahrenheit change in the temperature, the tire inflation pressure change by about 1PSI. Read the manual to get exact idea regarding the recommended pressure for tires. Keep the spare tire with proper pressure and traction as there is no point in having a backup that itself requires replacement. Also it is advice to rotate tires so that wearing would be even over time.


For safe driving along with above specified points, one should also check the brakes of the car from time to time. Keeping the car cool when one is not driving is also important. Not only interiors, even exteriors of the vehicle can get damaged by sunlight, UV radiation, dirt, air pollution. Thus, to protect the paint and finish, wash the vehicle every week and waxed it every six months.



Remember to go through with necessary maintenance and your car will be ready for the summer. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and safe to drive as you don’t want it to breakdown in the middle of your trip. So, just follow the tips and you along with your car will be ready for warm weather and road trip.


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