JEVIC Certificate an important tool for used car Importers-

JEVIC Certificate an important tool for used car Importers-

JEVIC Certificate an important tool for used car Importers-


Established in 2001, Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC) Co Ltd is a Japan based company involved in pre-shipment inspection and certification of cargo.

The Company is certified to ISO/IEC 17020: 1998 IBS Standard Type A and comprises a team of completely dedicated mechanics and inspectors, who perform quality inspection on Japanese used vehicles. The company is located in all major ports in Japan like in Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka and Hakata. They are also having their branch offices in New Zealand & Singapore.

JEVIC have such strict ways of inspecting used vehicles that some countries have made it mandatory to have the JEVIC certificate along with the used vehicle importing to their country.


Criteria of JEVIC inspection:


Exterior inspection:

  • No corrosion (if so this must be painted e.g. painting with chassis black (paint).
  • No repair that detracts from the general appearance of the car (such as taping).
  • No sharp or dangerous projections (including broken antenna, etc.)
  • No missing or loose parts.
  • Doors to be able to open and close smoothly, be able to lock.
  • No damage that exceeds an area greater than the 1/4 of a panel in size. Even if it is not mentioned above, the car is failed when it has a hole in the panel.
  • All components must be fixed firmly.
  • Sliding doors are able to be secured in the open position.
  • Power operated doors to be able to operate manually.
  • Draught excluders and weather rubbers are present and working.



  • All door and ceiling linings and any upholstery are free from damage (such as open tears and staining) in excess of 10 cm for passenger vehicles or 30 cm for commercial vehicles.
  • To be equipped with safety belts that function correctly with no corrosion (if so, must be painted with chassis black paint).
  • No corrosion (if so, must be painted with chassis black paint).
  • Not containing a large amount of rubbish.
  • Components are not to have any deterioration, looseness, and other excessive damage.



  • No corrosion (if so this must be painted with chassis black paint) excluding areas predetermined to rust (only unprotected from manufacture. e.g. differential case).
  • No leakage of water, oil, fuel and tear’s of the boots or bushes, loose mounts.
  • Shock absorbers operate normally.



  • All functioning correctly.
  • All bulbs working.
  • Air condition, Power window, Horn must function correctly.


Engine Bay:

  • No fluid leakage including water, oil, or fuel
  • Not containing a large amount of rubbish
  • No excessive noise or vibration and mechanisms functioning correctly.
  • No corrosion (if so, must be painted e.g. painting with chassis black paint)
  • No excessive deterioration or damage to the belts
  • No fluid leakage from the battery, all wiring and cables to be properly fixed.


Exhaust System:

  • No leakage or excessive noise.



  • Correct size for the vehicle, without cracking, bulging or tear in the fabric which is more than 25 mm longer or 10% of tread width.
  • All treads need to be more than 1.6 mm, fixed to the vehicle firmly, and correctly inflated.



  • Rear reflectors need to be colored in red.
  • Front or middle reflectors be colored in orange.
  • Securely attached.



  • All bulbs working.
  • witches functioning correctly,
  • No damage to lenses such as cracks, etc.



  • To be able to retract backwards, able to be stowed, securely attached and operating correctly.



  • Function correctly in accordance with switch operation.
  • No corrosion or excessive lack of wiping.


After such detail checking of each and every part of the used vehicle a detail report is made and a certificate is issued. Independent pre-shipment inspections, examine, confirmations and certifications are provided by JEVIC. Regulatory authorities of the large number of importing countries contact JEVIC to conduct inspections on all vehicles prior to their import in the country.



JEVIC gives assurance to used car importers that the vehicle they have imported meet up with the standards and regulations of the country in which it is imported. JEVIC has boosted used car export industry in a great way. Many Government bodies, importers, exporters, automobile authorities are members of JEVIC.


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