Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI)

Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI)

Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI)


With time, the popularity of Japanese used vehicles is increasing at rapid rate. Almost all countries across the world are importing used vehicles from Japan. While buying a used vehicle the important thing to consider is the authenticity of the vehicle mileage. A common practice that is prevalent nowadays is odometer rollback. Odometer fraud is an unauthorized way to display lower mileage than the actual by altering the vehicle’s odometer. Some dealers tamper the odometer, when they want to make more money by selling the used vehicle. It is not that all used car exporters are dishonest. Japanese Used Vehicle Exporters are known for their services and honesty. But there are some exporters, who in order to make more money, trick consumers.

Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI) is a substitute organization of Nippon Jidosha Service registered in Japan and is formed with the aim to help consumers to identify vehicles with rolled back odometers. The institute has been involved in certification of odometer readings in all types of used vehicles. JOCI is an independent organization which provides online odometer certification service.


JOCI has access to odometer reading data of all vehicles sold in Japan auto auctions. In case the applicant provides wrong information, then it may lead to blacklisting of the applicant and the vehicle. Once black listed, the vehicle owner and the vehicle will never be removed from the black list.


Documents required:-

  • Client has to give a copy of cancel registration certificate or export certificate of the vehicle.
  • Documents such as current odometer reading should be provided after the complete inspection of the vehicle. Client must provide correct and accurate reading. Failing to do so may lead to black listing of the client in JOCI and Nippon Auto Auction Kyogikai (NAK) databases.
  • Name of the dealer in Japan from which client has bought the vehicle.


The records of the odometer readings of the vehicle are verified in JOCI database, which is one the largest databases of automobiles sold and manufactured in Japan. JOCI keep the entire customer’s record for at least seven years and provide records whenever required.


Process to certify odometer reading of the vehicle:-

  • Make a request for the certificate.
  • For certificating one vehicle, JOCI charges around 3,000 Japanese Yen including taxes.
  • JOCI will send a mail to the client. Verify the link and download the certificate.
  • JOCI also provide E-certification. It is the certification of the vehicle that shows original odometer reading at the time of last auction or registration in Japan.


Odometer readings recorded as follows in the database:-

  • The time owner registered the vehicle at any of Vehicle License Centers in Japan.
  • Time of maintenance and repair work by any authorized agent.
  • Time when Shaken is renewed.
  • Whenever somebody tries to verify odometer records online for their vehicle in JOCI database.



Authenticity of the certificate:-

JOCI offers fast and cost-effective services to its customers by issuing the certificate within two days of request for the certificate. A security code is printed on every certificate issued. Officials can download the original certificate using the security code and the vehicle chassis number. One can download the certificate any number of times from JOCI official website.


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