Quality Inspection Services Japan

Quality Inspection Services Japan

Quality Inspection Services Japan


Japanese vehicles dominate the automobile market from quite a long period of time. The presence of Japanese vehicles in the automobile market is inevitable. Vehicles manufactured by Japanese makers are reliable, durable, safe and high on quality. Within a year only, millions of vehicles are produced and exported from Japan.

Popularity of Japanese vehicles has not confined only to new ones, used vehicles from Japan are also popular around the globe. Thus, there may be chances that some may possess hidden problems. Sometimes after spending a lot of money, used vehicle importers or buyers are left with only worthless vehicles, which require high maintenance cost. Hence, to avoid such problems, inspection on vehicles is carried out prior to their importation to other countries.


There are many authorized organizations that perform inspection on used vehicles to detect any hidden flaws. Quality Inspection Services Japan (QISJ) is one such organization in Japan that provides vehicle inspection services to buyers and business customers.


QISJ got ISO certified in April 2010 and was the first private company to get ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation in Japan. QISJ has all necessary management along with technical knowledge and professional staff in order to offer high quality inspection and services to its customers.


QISJ has a team of highly skilled inspectors that perform a complete check on all aspects of a vehicle. A certificate of approval or disapproval is issued by QISJ depending on whether or not vehicle meets the manufacturer’s safety and standards. Complete inspection on vehicle is provided by QISJ.


The inspection includes:-

  1. Visual/Body Inspection
  2. Mechanical and Environmental Inspection
  3. Document Verification
  4. Electrical System
  5. Safety Inspection
  6. Radiation check
  7. stolen vehicle check


It is important to inspect the vehicle before it is imported in order to detect manufacturer’s safety and operational standards. During vehicle inspection, all imperfections even the minute ones are checked and rectified. It is important to have complete knowledge about the vehicle, before one spends money on its purchase.


A pre shipment inspection, or abbreviated as PSI, is an important and reliable quality control method for checking used vehicle’s quality that customer buy from the supplier. Inspection gives surety to buyers that they get vehicles they have paid for meet up the quality standards. QISJ has a team of skilled workforce that performs broad test on the vehicle and accordingly a certificate is issued to approve or disapprove the vehicle depending on whether or not the vehicle satisfies the safety and operational standards.



Services offered by QISJ are excellent and reliable, and because of that it has been appointed by different companies and governmental organizations to inspect the vehicle before shipment. QISJ has been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for pre-shipment inspections on all vehicles shipped to Kenya. QISJ has its network in Japan, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.


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