What is Used Vehicle Inspection Sheet?

What is Used Vehicle Inspection Sheet?

What is Used Vehicle Inspection Sheet?


Today, almost every person knows about cars and specifications of different cars and dreams to buy it someday. Some people purchase a new vehicle, while some go with used ones. Japan is a source of automobile industry. Japanese vehicles are known for their reliability and availability at reasonable prices. Vehicles from Japan either new or used are ruling the market from quite a long period of time, with millions of cars being produced and exported within a year only.

The increase in the demand of Japanese used cars, leads to the popularity of Japanese auto auction. These auction halls become highly popular for purchasing and selling of used automobiles and vehicles. Even though large numbers of used vehicles are purchased by many people from these auction halls, but sometimes after spending a lot of money, buyers are left with only worthless vehicles, which require high maintenance cost. Hence, complete assurance is required regarding the vehicle condition prior to the vehicle purchasing. An inspection on used vehicles is done before the expo and inspection sheet is generated determining the condition of the vehicle.


Inspection sheet is a document, which is prepared by the highly qualified vehicle experts inspecting the vehicles before exhibition in auction for bids. The condition of the car, its grade and options are mentioned in the inspection sheet. It reflects the entire defect including even the small ones along with the auction grade letting the buyers to know the actual condition of the vehicle overall. In some countries this is also called as pre buy check list or quality assurance used cars inspection check sheet.


In Japan, inspection sheet is prepared by all auction halls under very strict supervision for each and every vehicle that are present there for auction. This sheet is prepared by qualified vehicle experts that have wide technical knowledge of engine, electrical, paints, and tires. Each sheet has even minor detail of scratch, so buyers can buy the vehicle on base of that inspection sheet without physically inspect of vehicle. Overseas buyers buy vehicles from auctions on the basis of inspection sheet with full trust and confidence. These auction sheets are displayed at the sites of every auction hall, so that used vehicle importers or buyers can check the vehicle at any place around the world.


Generally these inspection sheets includes below items which buyers can check:

Make, Model, Vehicle Grade, Year of First Registration, Doors, Engine Capacity (CC), Mileage, Color, Fuel Type, AC Availability, Other Accessories, Seating Capacity, Registration Number, Chassis Number etc. with all necessary information by which the buyers can decide whether to buy this vehicle or not like scratch, dent, paint, changed parts or panel, need to change, corrosion, crack, need painting, repaired, rust, stone chip, Dirty. Scratches, wear, burns and/or stains, defects. Damage, tears, dirt, smell, burns etc. Repairs and/or replacement likely necessary possible repairs needed, cars body, Poor condition. Paint blemish, visible scratching and/or dents. Repair work necessary, Bad, Rusted, mechanical failure and/or denting requiring repairs, tires, interior, cars history, record details etc. This helps buyers to value the vehicle as per condition.


Generally inspection sheets of auction halls are in Japanese language, however translation is provided by many exporters if buyers required the vehicle. Nowadays, many Japanese exporters also prepare inspection or check list of vehicles of their own stock, so that buyers can know what and where scratch or fault in vehicles and what is is the overall grade of the vehicle.



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