East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd

East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd

East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd


For quite so long, cars have been considered as luxuries. It’s been a dream of almost every person at one point or another of their life to purchase their own car. But for some, buying a vehicle is beyond their financial limits, thus they go with a used vehicle. Japan is the major exporter of used vehicles. Large numbers of Japanese used vehicles are exported to many countries across the world.


Buying a used vehicle is common nowadays. People prefer to buy a used vehicle as they get a quality vehicle at reasonable prices. But, in order to protect used vehicle importers or buyers to buy a faulty vehicle, inspection is done on them by many recognized institutions before they are exported. One such institute that performs inspections on used vehicles prior to their exportation is East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd. East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd or EAA is a Japanese origin venture involved in the business of automobile inspection before importation. Inspection on used vehicles is done by using highly efficient technology. EAA is known for providing high quality and efficient inspection services. EAA comprises a team of completely dedicated mechanics and inspectors, which provide quality inspection to the vehicles. Pre-shipment inspections, examine, confirmations and certifications are provided by EAA.


In many countries, it is mandatory to inspect the used vehicle before importing them to ensure that the vehicle meets the regulations governing safety and emissions. After complete inspection of the vehicle, a certificate is issued by EAA as a proof of assurance that the vehicle imported meet up the safety standards of the importing country. To prevent forgery, identification is made on the certificate.


EAA also possess a mobile inspection unit that performs inspection on the vehicle from wherever it is most suitable for the customer. EAA has developed this system and is operating it.


EAA Co. Ltd also represents manufacturers, international dealers from an administrative point through undertaking import and export trade to various end users worldwide. During inspection, vehicle’s components are thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanics before it is exported from Japan. It also ensure importers that whether or not vehicle meet the specifications described by the used vehicle exporter.


Pre-export appraisal:

"Prior to exportation, vehicle is evaluated in order to check its condition, accessories, and presence of any structural and mechanical defaults. Pre-export appraisal gives exact condition of the vehicle before it’s purchased and exported. Latest technologies are used by EAA during vehicle inspection. Before the vehicle exported to a country, it is inspected, tested and certified by experienced and trained professionals."


EAA is contacted by many regulatory authorities of countries like Dubai-UAE and Tanzania to conduct inspections on all vehicles prior to their import in the country. Many Government bodies, importers, exporters, automobile authorities are members of EAA. EAA have inspection facilities from Hokkaido to Okinawa, Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay), Nagoya and Osaka, in Japan, and in Singapore.




EAA is known for offering quality inspection on used vehicles. It not only protects the environment, but also improves the value of client’s product. It is because of its strict ways of inspecting vehicle that EAA stands among pre-shipment inspection specialists.


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