What is Stolen vehicle check inspection?

What is Stolen vehicle check inspection?

What is Stolen vehicle check inspection?


Japan is the home of many top vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many more. People from around the world prefer to buy Japanese manufactured vehicles as they are reliable, cost-effective, high on quality and fuel-efficient. Every year Japan introduces many dynamic and striking vehicle models incorporated with latest technologies. As Japanese are fond of new technologies, thus every year witness the sale of many vehicles. Large numbers of Japanese used vehicles are exported to many countries across the world. Even though these vehicles are used, but they are as good as new ones.


The advancement in the technology has made the process of vehicle importation quite simple. There are many online portal sites that help buyers or used vehicle importers to choose a vehicle of their desire. Thousands of buyers and exporters are dealing in the purchase and sales of used vehicles online with great ease and comfort. But some importers are facing problems such as of stolen cars while buying a used vehicle.


Buying a used vehicle can be risky as one is not aware of hidden problems in the vehicle. Sometimes, buyers take vehicle purchasing for lenient and often avoid inspection on the used vehicle. People get cheated by dealers who attract them by offering luxurious vehicles at incredibly affordable rates. Being a human it is obvious to get lured by cheap offers, but it’s better to be cautious while judging the authenticity of exporters in order to avoid any problems in the future. Japanese used vehicles are popular around the world, but sometimes after spending a lot of money, buyer’s are left with only worthless vehicles, which require high maintenance cost. This is solely because of the presence of some crook exporters.


One major concern of buyers is to determine the reliability of exporters available on the net. It is difficult to know whether the importer is reliable or not over the internet. As a result of this, many buyers get trapped and end up with useless vehicles. One such problem that is prevailing nowadays is stolen vehicle. Stolen vehicles are not easy to spot as they appear just like other cars. Large numbers of stolen vehicles from Japan are exported to foreign countries and as a result the risk to buy a stolen vehicle is increasing at a very alarming rate.


To protect buyers from buying a faulty vehicle, many organizations perform stolen vehicle check. A stolen vehicle check is executed on a Japanese used vehicle to verify that the vehicle inspected is not reported as a stolen in the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Vehicle database. After a successful check on the vehicle is performed, a certificate is issued to validate that the vehicle has not been stolen.


While buying a used vehicle it is important for buyers to check the vehicle’s history as it tells whether the vehicle is stolen or not. Vehicle history also inform the buyer regarding any mileage discrepancy, has had the plate changed and many other useful information regarding the vehicle. Thus, from buyer’s perspective it is important to check the vehicle before buying it.



It is important to recognize whether the vehicle is stolen or not before buying it, because if the owner is unaware of it at the time of purchase, then authorities reserve the right to seize the vehicle. The legitimate owner of the vehicle has the right to reclaim it anytime. Hence, the buyer looses at the investment done on the vehicle and also the vehicle. The buyer has the right to take legal action against the seller; it is almost next to impossible to find frauds. So to be sure with the genuineness of the dealer, importers should check all the details regarding the dealer. If there is anything suspicious regarding the vehicle, then search for another one. It’s not that all Japanese used vehicle exporters are frauds. There are many experienced and reliable exporters, who are known for providing quality vehicle. Buyers need to be careful while dealing with exporters, make sure to deal with reliable and established ones only. Before buying a vehicle, it is necessary to check whether all documents are authentic and proper. Never hesitate to ask questions.


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