The Pre-Export Appraisal

The Pre-Export Appraisal

The Pre-Export Appraisal


Importation of used vehicles is nowadays a common thing. Large numbers of countries across the world import Japanese used vehicles. Presence of many online portals has made importation of used vehicles easy. These portals provide thousands of used car stocks of most reliable and experienced exporters in Japan. Generally, it is quite difficult to know the condition of the vehicle without inspecting it physically. So, in order to help importers, mainly internet buyers, Pre-Export Appraisal is done on vehicles. It is an evaluation done on the vehicle to determine its condition before it is imported to another country.


The Pre-Export Appraisal is an assurance of the vehicle condition prior to purchase and export. Once a vehicle passes inspection, a certificate of conformity is issued with unique safety and identification features to prevent forge. There are many recognized organizations such as JEVIC, JAAI, EAA and many others that undertake pre-export appraisal. Grounded along the level of accuracy of the inspection, it is mandatory in many countries to get certified from them for the vehicle importation. All inspections, testing and certification of used motor vehicles in these institutes are completed by licensed and fully qualified mechanics, thus an accurate appraisal is guaranteed. Latest technologies are incorporated for used vehicle inspection.


The used vehicle is subjected to following criteria:

  • The vehicle must be roadworthy and in usable condition.
  • Proper functionality of original equipments.
  • Must be clean, without any damage to structural components.
  • Free from radioactive contamination and other harmful substances.
  • Not have been subject to flood or water damage.


Vehicle inspection involves undertaking an independent evaluation on the vehicle before it is imported to another country. After a successful inspection on the vehicle, certificate is issued to ensure that the vehicle is safe to import and drive. Certificate is issued with unique safety and identification feature to avoid forgery. Complete inspection on vehicles is done to ensure that vehicle imported is safe and environment friendly.



All used vehicles must meet the requirements of pre-export inspection to enable certification. It is better to be completely assured regarding the vehicle’s condition before its importation. Inspections are necessary on vehicles as they determine the imperfections on the vehicle. Also help used vehicle importers or buyers to avoid buying a faulty vehicle. Hence, going for Pre-Export Appraisal won’t be a bad idea as there is no point on regretting over the consequences.


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