How to find reliable exporter for used cars from Japan ?

How to find reliable exporter for used cars from Japan ?

How to find reliable exporter for used cars from Japan ?


Japanese vehicles industry is one of the biggest industries in the world because of their high quality, performance and reliability, Japanese new & used vehicles are in great demand all over the world. 

Even Japanese used vehicles are very popular in the World. More than 50,000 used cars are exported every month from Japan to many countries like Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zambia, Dubai, South America etc.

Online used vehicle portals have made buying used vehicle of any make or model from Japan very fast and simple.

But one major worry of buyers is the reliability of the Japan car exporters available on the internet.


All website of used car exporters claim to be well established and genuine but unfortunately some cases of fraud have created fear. This worry can be overcome if the buyers and importers take some easy and cautious steps before the finalising the first deal.


How to Find Exporters from Japan?

Here is list of checks that buyers must do to find reliable exporters for used cars from Japan and avoid being cheated and loose the hard earned money or receive a bad conditioned vehicle:

Go through all details mentioned on the website like:

  • Company Info

  • Establishment Year

  • Physical Address

  • Used cars dealer Registration Number

  • Membership of reputed exporters associations etc.

These information gives you an outline of company. An established company works for reputation so can be trusted.


Check all information on the website:

  • Physical address and telephone or emails by sending email enquiry and calling at their Japanese registered telephone number (must check landline number) and searching the physical address on Google.

  • Ask for and get the Police verification and registration documents checked with help of Japan Embassy, chamber of commerce or JETRO office in your country or your country’s Embassy in Japan.

  • If the company is member of well known auction houses and reputed exporters associations like JUMVEA, JETRO, Chambers of Commerce, this will be a plus point for trust and worthiness. These associations also verify the exporters before giving membership.

  • Please be very careful when the price mentioned are really very low, frauds usually invite the buyers with very low quotes and after collecting payment and they disappear.


Check how regularly the stock on website is updated?

This will indicate the frequency of business. How active and responsive the used car exporter is?

  • Check the procedures and ask questions in case you need clarification. Also check if the exporters stock and company is registered as paid member with used car portals like Japanese car trade, Japan auto pages or like.

  • Ask for reference and feedback of buyers from your country who already bought vehicle from the exporter whom you are going to deal with.

  • If any company does not have fixed landline number and showing only IP phone or mobile number, this could be the case to double check with all pre-cautions.

Note: Send payment only in company name and in Japan. If you are sending payment in different name or in other country, it might be risky.

  • If you are going to deal with new exporter, order one vehicle only for the first time. Sometimes buyers order for couple of vehicles because of bulk discount or very low prices offer please avoid such purchase in your first deal.


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Japan is a country with good cultural values and these values are followed in business too. Japan auto industry is so popular around the world because of best quality and performance along with comfort and technology. Japanese exporters are fare, honest and customer friendly and believe in long term business relations. Above list of checks will double the chances for you to do great business and get best used car at the lowest price possible. Most used car exporters are well established, experienced with English speaking staff, working for many years with customer satisfaction as their motto. So once you meet the right company then you can go ahead without any fear and do great business for many years.



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