Malta used car market

Malta used car market

Malta used car market


The auto industry of Japan has built its status on attractive, advanced, and completely nerve-calming cars. It won’t be wrong in saying that Japanese cars are synonymous with dependability. The country’s auto industry started from the very beginning and by delivering flawless vehicles became one of the world’s most renowned auto industries. With the growing popularity of new vehicles, Japanese used vehicles are also gaining popularity. Almost all parts of the world import used vehicles from Japan and one of the popular destinations for Japanese used vehicles is Malta. Like other countries, Malta, import many units of used vehicles from Japan within a year.


Even though the vehicles are used, they are still high on quality and are reasonably available. The average age of passenger cars in the country is 14 years. In Malta, imported used Japanese vehicles must comply with road worthiness regulations. Apart from this, vehicles can be imported and registered without any problems. Due to high wetness and heat levels due to the weather, some Maltese also apply corrosion protection to their vehicles.


On looking at the statistics, around two-third of the vehicles registered in Malta in the year 2011 were used ones. Even in the year 2014, around 5,108 units of used vehicles were imported in the country that have now become by far the most popular choice of cars for Maltese motorists. Since 2009, the auto industry of the country is changed as the sales of used cars overtook those of new ones. Figures show that the 65-35 new-old ratio in 2008 switched to a 35-65 ratio in favor of second-hand cars in 2009 and 2010.


Vehicles that are at least six months old or have 6,000km on the clock qualify as used vehicles in the country. Individuals are tend to buy cars that are few years old in comparison to new cars as with the former they get a quality and reliable vehicle at practical rates. 



Popular car models:

Toyota Vitz, Nissan March, Mazda Demio, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Belta, Toyota Passo, Isuzu Elf, Toyota Starlet, Nissan Skyline, Honda Fit


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