Netherlands used car market

Netherlands used car market

Netherlands used car market


The growth of automobile sector is important for stabilizing the economy of a country. This sector is responsible for generating high revenue and employing people. The automobile sector of Netherlands has contributed towards the growth of the nation. The country offers very pleasant and business like atmosphere to traders. In the past few years, demand for used vehicles in Netherlands has risen immensely especially for personal cars.


Not only the middle class section of the country, but people from all demographic are buying second-hand vehicle as it is within everyone’s financial limits, and as a result by owning a used vehicle people are not putting themselves in debt, which in turn is benefitting the economy of the country. The used car industry has become a major alternative to higher-priced vehicles from the new automobile sector.


There are a number of experienced and trustworthy exporters in Japan that provide quality used vehicles in Netherlands. Also the cost of used vehicles are very low, hence they are easily affordable. But before importing a used vehicle in the country, importer should make sure that they are abiding by the country’s regulations.


Demand for used vehicles in the country is rising at a faster pace. In the year 2013, 144 units of used vehicles were imported in Netherlands which rose to 198 units in 2014. An increment of units show the inclination of buyers towards used Japanese vehicles. On the basis of recent trends it won’t be difficult to analyze that in coming years, the used car market in Netherlands will rise. As the import regulations in the country are not very strict, buyers get many vast choices to select vehicles from. The market offers fair opportunities to Japanese used vehicle exporters to capture and flourish their business. 



Popular car models:

Nissan Skyline, Porsche 911, Nissan Silvia, Mazda RX-7, Mercedes Benz E-class, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Chaser, Toyota Vitz, Nissan Figaro, Toyota Noah


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