Why sedans are popular choice among buyers?

Why sedans are popular choice among buyers?

Why sedans are popular choice among buyers?


With so many options available it becomes quite difficult to decide which vehicle to purchase. One of the most popular vehicles available in the market today is a sedan. By definition, the sedan is a car with two full rows of seats and four doors. It is roomy, comfortable car with ample room for five adult passengers including a driver. This feature of sedan to carry almost five passengers from medium to large makes it a popular choice among people. Four-door sedans generally have two or three side windows, one on each door (vent windows not counted). The sedan has fixed roof that is full-height up to the rear window.

Today, almost every automaker keeps a line of sedan style cars in its production as it is the most popular car body type. Sedans from automakers such as Toyota, Nissan are easily affordable, whereas those of luxury brands are quite expensive. This body type of car is quite popular and long-running as it provides a good balance of cost, comfort, efficiency. So, let’s look on what sedans are and why they are popular body type among potential car buyers.


The word ‘sedan’ is believed to be derived from a southern Italian dialect, sedia that means ‘chair’. It was the 1899 Renault Voiturette Type B that first uses this configuration and Speedwell sedan launched in 1911 was the first closed car with the seating capacity of four persons that used the word ‘sedan’. There are various types of sedans that are available in the market.


Fastback Sedans:-

It is a two-box sedan with a continuous slope from the roof to the base of the decklid, excluding the features of a hatchback. Certain sedans are edging close to being one-box vehicles, where the windshield is steeply raked from the hood/bonnet and the rear window slopes toward almost the end of the car, leaving just a short rear deck that is part of the trunk lid.


Hardtop Sedans:-

Earlier, sedans used to have a frame around the door windows. Hardtop sedans have a frameless glass door. A complete hardtop sedan does not have a center or “B” pillar for roof support behind the front door as pillarless body style offers greater visibility. Several American Automakers during the 1960s and 70s sold hardtop sedan as sports sedan and they were among top selling body styles during that era.

Sedans come with a trunk and window in the rear. The primary cargo space in sedan is located in the trunk. Sedans come in various sizes, i.e. they can be as small as a Chevrolet Sonic or can be as large as Rolls-Royce Phantom. They offer a wide range of performance along with the cost. Some examples of sedans are Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Mercedes E500. When compared with other body types, sedans are quite classy; they are more aerodynamic in styling. As these cars have low ground clearance their handling is easy in different driving situations. Besides, they have lower center of gravity and as a result are at lower risk of rolling over.

On safety grounds also sedans are quite safe vehicles to drive. Nowadays, they are equipped with multiple features that protect drivers and passengers at the time of accident. While comparing on the basis of handling and maneuverability, sedans are hands-down winners. They are one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles that come with luxurious features. They are sleek in design, appealing, easy to park and even easier to wash. The above stated features make sedans popular choice among buyers. However, while selecting a vehicle to purchase, always remember to keep your budget and driving needs in mind.




Sedans are one of the popular vehicle types available in the market today. One of the characteristic that makes sedan popular among buyers is the seating configuration. Along with this it comes with other features such as ample leg room and interior space. Plus these vehicles offer good gas mileage. Because of the increasing popularity of sedans almost every automaker keeps a line of sedan style cars in its production.


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