Plan before you buy a used car from Japan

Plan before you buy a used car from Japan

Plan before you buy a used car from Japan


Planning is very essential as it gives a path to follow. It is basically preparing a sequence of steps. One must plan in advance for all issues either big or small in order to avoid last minute stress. Buying a car is an important decision, thus should be planned and done systematically. One must take out time and collect all necessary information regarding the car, finance, dealer, mode of payment, insurance, mode of delivery etc. While buying a used car, buyers must have complete information about the dealers or exporters they are dealing with. Certainly ones planned way to buy a car will bring very good results in terms of quality, comfort and hassle free deal..


Here are some steps to make a good plan to buy a used car:

  • Decide budget: First decide the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a vehicle. All your savings, sale of previous car, loan is required or not. How much you can pay as installment to repay the loans. There is no point in spending going for a vehicle out of your reach.
  • Set priorities: It is necessary to set priorities before buying anything. Buyer must select a vehicle on the basis of their requirements like seating capacity of the vehicle, how you use, luggage space, features, engine, brand and so on. Once all this is outlined you should be ready to finalize the right car.
  • Choose the right car: Refer your needs and budget and reviews of various cars from different brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Subaru and many more available in market. Select at least two to four cars and arrange in preference.
  • Consider a used car: Buyers interested in buying a used car should check few sites with stock of used cars and prices for same. Japanese used cars are popular across the world for their reliability and high quality.
  • Choose the right car exporter or dealer: Take all precautions and check all the documents and details of the exporter, find out if they are members of any portal website or any reputed association such as JUMVEA, JETRO. Select an experienced exporter and he’ll inform you regarding all the process, cost, fee and other relevant information and details required.
  • Make sure you are getting the right vehicle: Ask for pictures of the vehicle from different angles from the exporter. Buyers should also ask for inspection sheet, VIN number, vehicle’s history and other details. Japanese used car exporters are genuine person, but to be double sure, one can ask for all the specified details.


Buyers can go for Japanese manufactured cars as one will get a high quality vehicle at reasonable rates. Japanese vehicles are among the world’s highest selling vehicles as they are reliable, safe and high on quality. The quality of cars Japan makers produce is excellent and unbeatable. Not only new vehicles, Japanese used vehicles are also popular across the globe. Cars manufactured are designed with enough unique features to give a pleasurable experience within one’s budget.


Now you have all points to consider while buying a used car in order to reduce anxiety and last minute tension. Read these points carefully and make a plan on what to buy, when to buy and where to buy. How to buy? How to pay? And how to get it delivered?




When you’re ready with all the information, go and get the car of your desire.


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