How to Import Used Construction Machinery from Japan?

How to Import Used Construction Machinery from Japan?

How to Import Used Construction Machinery from Japan?


Today, for the growth of a country, development in the infrastructural segment is necessary. Many developing and even under developed countries are giving emphasis on development of roads, construction of both residential and commercial buildings, highways, in order to provide better infrastructure for the growth of the nation and its people. These have given rise to construction industry.


Presence of good construction machinery is an important thing in a construction industry. Without proper machinery and equipments, construction business can’t be impossible. There are many quality construction equipments available in the market, but the cost of brand new machinery is very high. So, going with Japanese used construction machinery is a wise choice. These machineries are high on quality and are available at very reasonable prices. Machinery and equipments makes the work easier, faster and safer for workers, thus a great saving in the long run. These machines are heavy duty, hence more durable and long lived.
Construction machinery mainly includes excavator, loader, dozer, paver and crane. Nowadays, it is quite easy to port construction machinery. They are more reliable, easy to operate, but the operators are required to have proper training.


Here, are some tips to help importation of Japanese used construction machinery:

  • It is important to know which machinery one requires and should compare it with available models. Select the one that is suitable as per use, fuel and price.
  • Check the rules and regulations in your country for importing used construction machinery.
  • It is important to search for the reputed and experienced exporter. They will assure you the best quality used construction machinery at good price because these exporters work for the goodwill and long term relations.
  • Re-check the details of exporters carefully and can ask for references to be sure they are genuine.
  • Check their online stocks and details of available construction machinery models.
  • Compare the market price with your exporter’s price. This will help you negotiate well and save more.
  • Choose the construction machinery that is inspected and perfectly working one. Request the exporter to recheck the papers and machine personally.
  • Provide Shipping port and other details so they can inform you approximate cost of import at your destination port. You can negotiate and confirm the order.
  • Exporter will do the necessary formalities and export your used construction machinery to the specified destination port.
  • Exporter will send the necessary documents by courier.


Importing a used construction machine can be much easier and money saver than purchase from local market. There are many Japanese exporters you can assist you in importing used machinery from Japan. They are known for offering best quality machinery at reasonable prices. They can even provide parts and spares if one needs them in future




Some of the world famous construction machinery Japanese brands: Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Kato, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, IHI, Sakai, Tadano, Toyota, TCM, Yanmar and many more.


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