How to find auto parts for your Japanese vehicles from Japan?

How to find auto parts for your Japanese vehicles from Japan?

How to find auto parts for your Japanese vehicles from Japan?


Japanese vehicles are synonymous with reliability and low-cost upkeep, which made them very popular around the Globe. They are designed to offer maximum comfort, great performance for many years. To keep the vehicle in good condition, best performance maintenance is must because wear and tear is natural to happen as years pass by.

Japanese vehicles are known among the world community both for their usability and also for their international appeal. Millions of brand new and used vehicles be it car, truck, bus, pickup, SUV, sedan, bikes etc. are exported from Japan every year. There are millions and millions of owners of Japanese vehicles around the world using their vehicle every day with pride and confidence.

One important question that arises here is where to get similar or exact parts for the Japanese used vehicle. Generally dealers have only those brands and models in stock that are presently running in market. So it becomes difficult, if one is looking for some original part of an old model. Without the part, the vehicle will be of no use. Thus getting the part becomes most essential for the vehicle owner.


Here are few tips on how to begin the search to find spare part or accessory from Japan through internet:

Before searching the International market, the vehicle owner should search for required part or accessory in local domestic market. Sometimes when the parts are some special, expensive or original parts, they are not available easily due to high cost or low demand. Either owner themselves or domestic part dealers need to look for the required part or accessory through internet and find Japanese spare parts exporters.


Secondly, send parts enquiry to parts exporter with complete details like make, model, chassis number, part number & part name etc. Mostly exporters do bulk business and some of the exporters do accept requests. Exporters reply by sending the cost and charges along with the mode of payment.


If the exporter does not reply, then the buyer may request the local dealer for most demanded parts that he needs so that he can order a container full along with the buyer’s original spare part, this will indeed benefit the exporter as used parts from Japan are very low in price and great in performance.


There are many experienced and trusted used cars, used parts and accessories exporters in Japan that can be contacted. They have ready stock container full of different parts like Half cut, Nose cut, Engines, Transmission (Gear Boxes), doors, shock absorbers, bumpers, grills, exhaust manifolds and many other carefully checked and packed for best results on delivery. Used tires for all types of vehicles large, small, any makes and models with brand new condition are also supplied.



There are large numbers of exporters who can help you out with the required used part. One can easily get high quality used parts or accessories from Japan. So, there is no need to worry about parts for your Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki or any other Japanese brand and model.


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