Why buy electric Cars?

Why buy electric Cars?

Why buy electric Cars?


There were days when the idea of using electric motors an alternate for fuel seems impossible, but today electric motors significantly replaces standard fuel. Electric cars are increasingly becoming very popular. It’s the concern of people for the environment, fuel conservation that they are switching towards electric vehicles.

There is no doubt that the world has fallen for Electric Vehicles. Major car brands are also working to develop most efficient electric cars and it seems that in the near future, every automobile maker will develop an electric car to draw in customers. Japan being a popular source of automobile is also an important player in this area. There are many electric vehicles developed by Japanese makers.

Even though electric cars are expensive and sometimes have a bit of charging problem, but in spite of this these cars are popular among mob. In addition, Governments of many countries are supporting by providing subsidies and developing infrastructure.


Electric cars may be somewhat expensive than conventional cars, but for the long run electric cars hold over conventional ones. Before buying an electric vehicle, one should have complete knowledge regarding the vehicle. With the prices of fuel touching the sky, it seems electric vehicles are the convenient options.


Here are few points that highlight benefits of electric cars:

  • No petrol or diesel: Electric motor is used for propulsion hence all fuel charges are saved.
  • No stop at gas station: As EV does not use fuel, thus there is any need to stop at the gas station ever again.
  • Shorter charging time: Latest batteries for electric cars are much more powerful, lighter, and fully charging is faster and easier.
  • Environment friendly: There is no emission from electric vehicles hence no pollution. EVs prevent global warming, conserve resources and reduce illness and diseases too.
  • Charge it at Home: Charging of electric vehicle batteries is possible at homes too so one can charge the vehicle anywhere at any time.
  • Tax relaxation or subsidies: Most governments are supporting the use of Electric Cars.
  • Emotional Satisfaction: Driving EVs gives satisfaction and happiness as one is contributing towards prevention of the environment.


Some of the models available on roads:

  • Honda EV PLUS: This car was the first EV in the United States to be sold with nickel-metal hydride batteries. Top speed of Honda EV PLUS is over 80 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 17.7 seconds.

  • Nissan ALTRA EV: This four-passenger vehicle is uniquely powered by lithium-ion batteries. This Nissan vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 50 mph in less than 12 seconds; achieve a maximum speed of 75 mph and with a range of 120 miles on a full charge.

  • Toyota RAV4-EV: Toyota RAV4-EV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 17 seconds and has a top speed of 79 miles per hour. This Toyota vehicle comes with huge list of standard features such as heated front seats, automatic climate control, iPod/USB connectivity, an eight-inch touch screen with Entune mobile-app and various other features.

  • Nissan LEAF: This five-door hatchback has become one of the world’s best selling electric cars. The car has a range of over 100 miles on a full charge and it takes around 8 hours to recharge using 220-240V power supply and produces zero tailpipe emissions.


To make traffic jams clean and silent, flooding roads with electric vehicles won’t be a bad idea. Why not consider buying an electric car for the next vehicle purchase. Electric vehicles are not confined to small two-seaters, but with the changing scenario they are also enhancing. The batteries of electric vehicles have become lighter, more powerful and cheaper. Modern electric vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, with a wide price range. One can go for a luxury vehicle or for a family car depending upon the choice.



We have given you a lot information regarding electric vehicles. There are many electric cars out in the market from different makers with specific features; hence it is complete buyers decision to choose a vehicle that suits their way of life.


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