Eclipse Cross diesel engine version launch in Japan

Eclipse Cross diesel engine version launch in Japan

Eclipse Cross diesel engine version launch in Japan


Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announces the Japan launch of the Eclipse Cross diesel engine version of Mitsubishi Eclipse, which combines powerful torque with environmental performance. Sales begin on June 13 through nationwide distributors.

Since its launch in March last year, the Eclipse Cross has received the "Auto Researchers & Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC) Car of the Year 2019" award and has seen strong demand as a Mitsubishi-style SUV that combines stylish coupe design with dynamic 4-wheel drive (4WD) mobility. To date, it has been sold in over 100 countries including Europe, Oceania, ASEAN, North America, and Japan.

The new diesel version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes equipped with an 8-speed

sport mode A/T (Automatic), which provides strong and smooth acceleration, as well as four-wheel control technology that allows for both a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Fully embodying our "Drive your Ambition" brand, the new diesel version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will allow drivers to expand on their range of outdoor activities and take on new adventures.


Main Features

Grade development

As with gasoline version of the Eclipse Cross, the special edition "BLACK Edition" will be available in addition to the "M", "G" and "G Plus Package".


Diesel engine

Equipped with a 2.2 litre common rail DI-D*1 diesel turbo engine, which generates large torque from low speed with a maximum torque of 380 N·m/200, and provides both environmental and power performance. This includes an 8-speed sport mode A/T, allowing for powerful and smooth acceleration.


Urea SCR System

The AdBlue® Urea water system allows for reduced exhaust emissions from the turbocharged diesel engine by breaking down and removing nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the exhaust gas.


SUPER ALL WHEEL CONTROL-Vehicle motion integrated control system

SUPER ALL WHEEL CONTROL = S-AWC is a system that achieves high levels of "run pleasure" and "certain relief" that we continue to seek. It controls all four wheels at all road conditions, achieving "maneuvering maneuver" and "excellent stability".

1. The S-AWC detects the driver's operation and vehicle condition with sensors and determines the front and rear drive power distribution and the brake control amount.

2. Integrate AYC with ASC and ABS to control the drive / braking force between the left and right wheels.

3. Control the electronic control coupling provided on the rear differential, and distribute the driving power to the rear wheels according to the driving situation.

4. The stable running performance and linear handling on all road surfaces.



The Eclipse Cross's vehicle dimension delivers superior maneuverability and stable travelability as an SUV.

The Eclipse Cross is a stylish coupe form with excellent maneuverability as an SUV. In order to achieve reliable running ability even when stepping on some rough roads and uneven roads, the front and rear overhangs are cut off and tires are placed at the four corners of the body. Approach angle 20.3 °, departure angle 30.8 °. In addition, a minimum ground clearance of 175 mm has been secured. In addition, the long wheelbase and wide tread vehicle layout provide excellent straight ahead stability. From highways, winding roads, and uneven and snowy roads, the Eclipse Cross delivers consistent driving performance under all road conditions. You can enjoy the fun of running at any time.

Mitsubishi Eclipse


 Exterior & Interior

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Eclipse


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