Japanese Mini Trucks loved by millions round the world!

Japanese Mini Trucks loved by millions round the world!

Japanese Mini Trucks loved by millions round the world!


Mini Trucks or Kei Trucks as known in Japanese are vehicles under light automobiles category, designed to keep the cost, tax and insurance lower. These Kei trucks were great option for delivery of goods to small business, shop owners and farmers. These Japanese mini trucks are really light, strong, easy maintenance, fuel efficient and very durable. People around the world just love them for their multi utility ability.


They have cabs, seat belts, windshield wipers, radios, heaters, lights, and signals, automatic transmissions, 2WD, 4WD, air conditioning, forced induction engines and other optional features with approximate mileage of 70km in one gallon of gasoline. They have 1.8 m long pickup beds with fold-down sides; dump and scissor lift beds are also available with van bodies. These fuel efficient, small, off road trucks can be used in a variety of jobs and have unlimited use. These mini trucks are also equipped with speed controllers which prevent these trucks from exceeding maximum speed limits.


Mini trucks are popular due to Multi Purpose use:

  • Mini trucks are popular due to Multi Purpose use:These vehicles are preferred equipments Farmers. They make it effortless to plow thru mud and other off-road terrains in the farm.
  • They can be set up with a rail bed that is ideal for hauling crops, bales, farm animals, or fertilizers and other farm supplies.
  • There is also a solution of equipping the beds with hydraulic dumps so that it is simpler to unload earth, manure, hay, etc.
  • Passenger cab for carrying persons instead of goods.
  • Delivery of small goods by small businesses.
  • Very effectively used for hunting and jungle safari.
  • Maintenance vehicles for universities, schools and hospitals.
  • Construction companies use them for many different tasks that we too.

Some world famous Japanese manufacturers and model names: Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Equator Cab, Honda Acty, Mazda B-4000, B-3000 Pickup, Mitsubishi Raider, Fuso FG and Daihatsu Hijet, Delta. Spares parts are also easily available any part of the world for these mini trucks.

Production figure for mini trucks in Japan for fiscal year 2010 was 417,000 units and for March 2011 were 19,632 units, down 23,643 units or 54.6 % from March 2010 due to earth quack and tsunami disaster.


Why to buy Used Mini Trucks from Japan?

These multi utility mini wonders from Japan can be yours for very low cost if you don’t mind the used mini trucks from Japan. Buying used mini trucks or other vehicles from Japan are preferred because of following benefits:

Best quality with more features as compared to vehicles manufactured in other countries.

  • Vehicles are in good condition just like brand new due to strict regulation in Japan.
  • Low cost as compared to new mini trucks.
  • These mini trucks can very well handle all jobs more economically than big trucks.
  • They are light on pocket and heavy on performance and great mileage.
  • Import of used vehicles from Japan made easy due to used auto auctions and Japanese used vehicle portals.



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