New Kato SR-300R

New Kato SR-300R

Kato Works CO., Ltd. Released New Model “SR-300R”


Hydraulic Excavator
Kato Works CO., Ltd. Released the 30t rough terrain crane SR-300R.


Crane Specification

  • Maximum rated lifting capacity: 30ton×3m
  • Boom length 9.35m ― 30.5m (4 section)
  • Fly jib length 7.9m ― 13.0m (2 section, offset 5°,25°,45°)
  • Maximum rated lifting 31.2m (Boom)
  • Maximum rated height 44.8m (jib)
  • Hoisting line speed (winch up) Main winch 125m / min. (at 4th layer)
  • Hoisting hook speed (winch up) Auxiliary winch (Parts of line; 1) : 116m / min. (at 3rd layer)
  • Tail slewing radius 3,500mm 
  • Hoisting line speed (winch up) Auxiliary winch 116m / min. (at 3rd layer)
  • Boom derricking angle 0°― 83°
  • Boom derricking time 40s / 0°― 83°
  • Boom extending speed 9.35m ― 30.5m / 93s
  • Slewing speed 2.9min-1
  • Hoisting hook speed (winch up) Main winch (Parts of line; 9) : 13.8m / min. (at 4th layer)


Equipment and Structure

  • Boom type: Box-shaped, 4-section hydraulically terescopic type (Boom section 3 / 4 simultaneously operated)
  • Jib type: 2 sections (2nd section of draw-out type) (offset angles 5°,25°and 45°)
  • Boom extension/ retraction equipment: Two hydrauric cylinders and wire ropes used together
  • Boom derricking/lowering equipment: One hydrauric cylinder of direct acting type with pressurecompensated fl ow control valve
  • Winch system Main & Auxiliary winches: Driven by axial plunger type hoisting motor through planetary gear reduction. Controlled independently by respective operating lever. Equipped with automatic brake.
  • Slewing equipment: Ball bearing type



  • Model: Mitsubishi 6M60-TLE3A
  • Type: 4 cycle, 6 cylinders, water cooled, direct injection turbo-charged diesel engine with intercooling
  • Piston displacement: 7.545L
  • Max. power: 200kW at 2,600min-1
  • Max. torque: 785N・m at 1,400min-1 





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