New Kato Excavator HD820-7 and HD823MR-7

New Kato Excavator HD820-7 and HD823MR-7

Kato Works New 20t & 23t Hydraulic Excavator for the Global Market


Hydraulic Excavator
Kato Works Co., Ltd. launches the conventional excavator HD820-7 and compact tail excavator HD823MR-7 for the global market.

These 2 model mount environment-friendly Stage4/Tier4 compliant engine. Also productivity and user-friendly have been enhanced with new design and features.


Environment-friendly Tire4 / Stage4 compliant engine 

  HD820-7, HD823MR-7
Engine Isuzu 4HK1X
  4 cycle water cooled, overhead camshaft direct injection, intercooler turbocharged
Number of cylinders 4-115mm×125mm (4-4.5”×4.9”)
Total displacement 5.193L (317in3)
Rated output 120.5kW/2,000min-1 (102.5hp/2,000rpm)
Max. Torque 646N.m/1,600min-1 (476lbf・ft/1,600rpm)



  • The new SCR system cuts the NOx 88%.
  • The large capacity DEF tank is available that replenishment of DEF is only 1 time of per 4 times of fuel replenishment.



  • The cycle time has been improved by 4% for HD820-7 and by 9% for HD823MR-7 compared to previous model.
  • Diameter of the boom cylinder hose and bucket cylinder hose have been increased. It reduces the pressure loss and minimizes the power loss.



  • The new dimple bush keeps the grease longer than before.
  • Filters and greasing port have provided to the location where it is easy to access.
  • The Cleaning space for the radiator is available.
  • The battery disconnect switch is available as standard and provides safe electric maintenance.



  • The new ROPS cabin enhances the safety and provides wider view.
  • The polycarbonate has provided to the door and protects from object such as scattering stone.
  • New engine start mechanism allows engine to start only if the safety lever is applied to lock position.
  • The ISO compliant handrail is provided and enable operator to access the upper structure safer.
  • The standard rearview camera and optional side view camera secure wide range view.


Comfort and user-friendly

  • The air volume increased by 26% compared to previous model.
  • The new operation lever decreases the operation burden by 25% by new round shape grip.
  • Wide color display and touch screen control new APC has been provided. Various information are available on the screen. It is also enable operator to operate the Air conditioner via APC screen.





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