What if you’re a victim of fraud?

What if you’re a victim of fraud?

What if you’re a victim of fraud?


It’s been a dream of almost every person at one point or another of their life to purchase a vehicle. Each one has his own taste, but generally one desires to buy the most expensive, stylish, and popular brand car. But for the few, buying a car is not within their financial reach. Thus, they go with a used one as they are the most convenient route to ownership. People prefer to purchase used cars as they are available at reasonable rates and at good quality. Japan as the world knows is a source of automobiles. Large numbers of used vehicles are being exported from Japan every year. Japanese used cars are popular around the Globe because of their reliability and quality.

Now, with the advancement in technology; facilities and systems have been improved. Due to increase in income of people, presence of many online portal sites, it is quite easy to import a vehicle to almost every country in the world. Japanese used vehicles are popular around the world, but sometimes after spending a lot of money, buyer’s are left with only worthless vehicles, which require high maintenance cost. This is solely because of the presence of some crook exporters. It’s not that all dealers are cons. Japan has been a pioneer of the automobile industry and there are many used vehicle exporters in Japan who are in the business of automobile for ages. Auto frauds occur when dealer lied or did not give complete information regarding the vehicle. One major concern of buyers is to determine the reliability of exporters available on the net.


While dealing, it is important for exporters to be fair, open and honest with buyers or used vehicle importers. Even if one gets cheated, there’s no point in losing the hope. Victims of fraud can file complaints to the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, the International Police (Interpol) and country’s embassy in Japan. Below are the what to do in case of being cheated:-

  1. Complaint to Japan embassy in your country: - The first and the most important thing to do is to inform the Japan embassy. Since the dealer is Japan based, it is the country’s responsibility to deal into the matter.

  2. Complaint to your country’s embassy in Japan: - Another thing you can do is to inform your country’s embassy in Japan. The embassy of your country in Japan has local knowledge and may provide you with the necessary information that can help you with the case.

  3. Contact the police: - Obviously one should contact the police as they may be able to straighten things out, even if you do not have to file charges. Sometimes, just threat of police action is enough to resolve the dispute. But, if charges need to be filed, do that as they might increase your chances of recovering from the dealer. Full cooperation of victim with the prosecution and investigators is necessary.

  4. Bring your civil rights into action: - One should be completely aware of his/her legal right when buying an expensive commodity especially a used car. There are civil rights for fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, civil theft, false advertising, unfair trade practices, or other claims.

  5. Hiring an Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney: - There are many attorneys who’ll handles these case at minimum cost. Consult your attorney who is assisting you in the case and prosecuting your claims. Attorney will also help you in getting other recoveries such as insurance policies, personal judgments and other recoveries. To find out if you have a claim worth pursuing, contact an attorney to discuss your case.

  6. Complaint to Portal sites: - It is important for consumers to complaint the portal site from which the used vehicle has been brought. Buyers who have bought the vehicle from JapaneseCarTrade.com should inform JCT as soon they get scammed.

  7. Complaint to JUMVEA: - If the customer has purchased the vehicle from JUMVEA then the buyer should inform JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) regarding the fraud so that, it could look up in the matter.

  8. Complaint to Interpol: - The victim may also report to Interpol incase of being cheated. Interpol is the largest international police organization with around 190 member countries.

  9. Use JUST for payment transaction: - JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST) is a secure payment service that protects both buyers and suppliers. By using JUMVEA Safe Trade buyers do not have to worry about losing their money if the supplier does not ship their vehicle. It is advised to make transaction for vehicle payment through JUST as it guarantees safety of both parties. In addition, if a consumer gets cheated by any fraudulent dealer, then he can contact JUST.


It is important to punish dealers who take advantage of customers. The process of recovering from fraud could be long and complex, thus it is necessary for the consumer to have all the documents, records of communication ready in time. In order to get claim, the victim must prove that the dealer concealed the facts regarding the vehicle. Once the fraud is proven, the victim may get curative compensation.


Tracing the fraud dealer is not an easy thing to do as they immediately change their number and any other source of contact, once they feel the danger. Thus, before negotiating it is important for the buyer to be completely sure regarding the legitimacy of the dealer in order to avoid any fraud. Find out whether the used car exporter is a member of any association or organization. If you find anything suspicious about the exporter, then search for another one.



While making a big purchase such as buying a vehicle, leaving everything to chance is not a smart decision. To improve the probability of getting the best deal, it is necessary to know everything before starting. So, get the work done from your part and enjoy the ride from vehicles of one of the top makers across the world.



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