How to protect against used car fraud?

How to protect against used car fraud?

How to protect against used car fraud?


Most of the car lovers prefer to buy a used car as one gets a high quality vehicle at practical prices. So, buying a used vehicle is indeed a clever act. Japan has been a pioneer of automobile industry. Large numbers of vehicles are produced and exported from Japan every year. With the demand for new vehicles, demand for Japanese used vehicles is also rising at faster pace. The country’s second-hand auto market is largely trusted across the world. Even the economy of many countries depends hugely on the importation of motor vehicles. The importation of used vehicles from Japan in any country is not a difficult job. With so many used vehicle portals it has become quite easy to import a Japanese used vehicle.

There are many used vehicle exporters in Japan that offer high quality used vehicles. Many of them are in this business from past many years. Japanese used car exporters are known for their honesty and reliability, but there are few dealers that con buyers in order to earn more money. Used car frauds occur when a dealer uses unfair means to sell a used vehicle. With the development in maintenance, used car frauds are increasing. When buying a used vehicle it is important that dealer should not lie to customers. Dealers must tell about any material defect in the vehicle to the buyer. There is no need to worry. Just go through the following points before buying a car in order to protect yourself from being scammed-

  • Verify the Information- Buyers should obtain and verify all the information regarding the dealer like dealer’s name, address, phone number. Buyers can check exporter’s address on Google search, call on the landline phone numbers and inquire, ask for police verification certificate and registration. One can even search the company on JETRO, JUMVEA etc. These information help buyers to judge the goodwill of the exporter.

  • Choose a reliable exporter- This is the most important step to avoid fraud. Buyer should search for well established exporter as these exporters will work for the goodwill of their company and will offer best services. Buyers should go for experienced and known exporters. One can even ask for reference of buyer or importer in their country who has already imported the car from the exporter and can do cross verify form buyer/importer about dealing of exporter.

  • Contact the exporter- Buyer should contact and enquire about the purchase process and payment terms. Buyers should take out a print or can even save it. One should go through all the details carefully and should clarify all doubts. There is no need to be hasty read everything cautiously and if terms are clear and genuine, then go for the exporter.

  • Check the stock- One can also check the authenticity of exporters by watching the stocks of the exporter for two -three days. One should note that whether or not stock is changing and new items are added. If yes, that means exporters are active in business.

  • Select a car and check details- After selecting the car of your desire, look at the pictures of the car from all angles. Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the inspection sheet. Buyer should request for a copy of the vehicle’s title and should also purchase vehicle’s history report. These certificates give assurance to buyers regarding what they will get after paying the final amount.

  • Inspection- It is important for a buyer to get the vehicle inspected from an experienced mechanic before buying it. An inspection on used vehicles is a test done to check whether or not the vehicle meet up the desired criteria. During vehicle inspection, all imperfections even the minute ones are checked and rectified. After the Vehicle passes an inspection, a sticker is placed on the vehicle’s windshield. If the exporter does not permit you to inspect the vehicle, don’t buy the vehicle. There are many organizations such as JAAI, JOCI, JEVIC, Intertek and many more that perform quality inspection on used vehicle before their importation.


Another important thing to be taken care of is not to be carried away by extremely low prices as sometimes fraud dealers offer really low prices in order to lure customers. It would be a wise decision to place one order at a time if dealing for the first time. Take ample time to check and make decision always and compare offer from different exporters. In addition, if one is a victim of fraud, then file a complaint with the authorities who can deal in this matter.



With the advancement in technology and many portal sites, vast majority of vehicles are sold online. While buying a used vehicle from a dealer, consumers should be very cautious. By being aware you can protect yourself from getting scammed and can even protect others. Look out for anything suspicious, keep all necessary paperwork in reach and enjoy the experience of buying a used vehicle.



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