Import of Used Buses from Japan

Import of Used Buses from Japan

Import of Used Buses from Japan


Japan as we all know is one of the major manufacturer and exporter of all types of vehicles around the world. Japan plays important role in bus manufacture and export too. Buses manufactured by major bus manufacturers taken together for the fiscal year starting from April 2010 to March 2011 is around 1,16,000.


Buses manufactured in Japan are designed for maximum comfort, safety, durability, high performance, very low emission and fuel efficiency and can be used in any road conditions for years after years, thus they are so popular around the world. They are available in number of different sizes and features to suit all needs like Mini Bus, Macro Bus, City Bus, School Bus, Large Bus, Wheel Chair Bus etc.


Many countries allow import of Japanese new and used Buses all types for use as public transport, tourism, school bus, business houses for better quality and great value for money. Thousands of used buses are exported from Japan every year. These used buses are as good as new ones, great money saving to Import used buses from Japan.


These buses are very common not only in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, but also in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean for their reliability and cost effectiveness. Used buses from Japan are much more in demand as prices go really low but great performance remains. Spare parts for these popular brands are also available in almost every country.


Some World famous buses from Major bus makers in Japan : 

Price Estimates for Popular used buses from major Japanese bus brands which are 8-10 years old but as fit as 3-5 years.

Brands & Approx. Price range (US$)

Toyota Coaster Bus Price Range : US$ 15000-25000

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus : US$ 8000-20000

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus : US$ 8000-20000

Mitsubishi Fuso Bus : US$ 11000-25000

Nissan Civilian Bus : US$ 15000-30000

Mitsubishi Aero Midi : US$ 15000-25000

Isuzu Journey Bus : US$ 10000-15000

Hino Blue Ribbon : US$ 15000-20000

Hino Selega Bus : US$ 25000-40000

These prices for used buses are very tempting, are they not? 


So are you thinking about buying a used bus from Japan? Here are some details of online purchase systems for your reference 

Purchase of Used Buses from Japan :

  • Today purchase of any used vehicle be it car, bus, truck or construction machinery is made very simple since introduction of internet.
  • First of all go through the rules and regulation for import of used buses in your country.
  • Just log on to any of the used vehicles from Japan portals and gather information about reliable agents and used buses available for sale in Japan.
  • Once chosen the Dealer please verify the details of dealer by making call to their registered telephone number. You can also as for their company registration and police verification documents. Also ask for reference or check testimonials.
  • Now inform your dealer about what you want and price that you prefer, port of delivery etc. They will inform you all the documents required and costs to be paid including all fees.
  • If you agree and pay in part or complete as they demand then they will place order on your behalf and make all necessary arrangements for export. They will also inform you what you need to do in your country to custom clearance of the same.
  • They will ship the vehicle and send the documents to you.



Is it not simple to import the most elegant, comfortable, durable Japanese used buses for unbelievably low price from your office desk?


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