Avoid Buying a Lemon Car from Japan

Avoid Buying a Lemon Car from Japan

How to avoid buying a Lemon car from Japan?


Lemon car is a defective car that is found to have severe defects not apparent before its purchase. Any vehicle with these issues can be termed a ‘lemon,’ used vehicles may also have been abused, improperly maintained or poorly repaired, been unprofessionally rebuilt after a collision or tampered with in some manner to conceal high mileage, mechanical defects, corrosion or other damage.


Major faults like the brakes don’t work, the car won’t go into reverse gear, the car won’t start on cold mornings or hot afternoons, the driver’s seat wobbles, or the car chugs along at 30 mph when it should be going 50 mph, are signs that you have a “Lemon”.


Being careful and having some knowledge of how to check and confirm that the used car you are buying is not a Lemon, can save you from big loss and unhappiness.


Some Do's that can help avoid buying Lemon :

  • Verify model history : Please go through the reviews, news for any negative reports regarding the model you consider. Users views can also help you decide that this model have chances of being Lemon or not.

  • Use the VIN to check the car’s history : Each car has a unique VIN. Whenever a mechanic performs maintenance on a vehicle or whenever the vehicle changes hand, it’s recorded in the vehicle’s history. The vehicle history also shows if the car has been in an accident or if it’s been listed as salvaged, a clear sign that it’s a lemon. You can check the history of the car through its VIN.

  • Make a purchase through Auction Hall : Purchase of used car through an auto auction house in Japan is a very wise idea to avoid Lemon, because All vehicles are first inspected by the auctioneer before they can be auctioned. This inspection is accurate and fair as the Goodwill of Auction Hall is on stake. Cars purchased through auctions are bit costlier than market price but you can be sure to get a fair deal.

  • Choose a reliable exporter : Hundreds of used car exporters are available to help you best car at low price. You need to choose one such reliable and experienced exporter who is well established, registered, hold membership of associations like JETRO and JUMVEA. One who is well known for his genuine and fair dealings. He will help you get buy best car of your choice and will make sure it is not faulty or “lemon”.

  • Ask for inspection sheet : Always ask more questions and confirmation from the sellers about defects or any problem in car, so they know you are smart and will avoid sending you a "Lemon".



So buy your dream car fearless of "lemon" with knowledge of facts and careful choice !


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