Why Buy Used Cars From Japan Auctions ?

Why Buy Used Cars From Japan Auctions ?

Why Buying a used car from Japanese auto auctions is referred ? 


Auto Auctions were formed in Japan to make the sale and purchase of used cars and other vehicles faster and easier. Auto auctions are the most popular method to sell used vehicles in Japan. Now they provide online facilities so buying used vehicle of any make or model from your home is so simple. As per Japanese law, only dealerships holders or exporters may become members to auto auctions. The way the system is set up allows people to have access to information, but to keep the auctions orderly, only members can bid. Today in Japan there are over 30 well known auto auction and over 200 auto auction locations throughout Japan. Major auction hall are USS, ASNET, ARAI, Gulliver, Honda Auto Auction, Toyota Auto Auction, Nissan Auto Auction have wide network all over Japan.

Buying from Auto Auction has many benefits with only one or two odd drawback like little higher price due to agents fee. But still most people choose the Auto Auction because of assured quality, details of genuine condition, step-by-step process, no experience required as your agent will guide you, proper payment and delivery terms, No fear of being cheated.



  • All vehicles are first inspected by the auctioneer before they can be auctioned. This inspection is accurate and fair as the Goodwill of Auction Hall is on stake.
  • There are more that 40,000 vehicle of brands like: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki on display to choose from.
  • You can access the information and choose the cars that interest you most on their website.
  • Just express the brand, model and price you wish to pay to you member agent. He shall find number of cars as per your requirement. He will do all the work and inform you from time to time.
  • Just choose about 3-6 cars that you like best. And be ready to place a bid.
  • At the time of placing a bid, you need to either place a deposit of ¥100,000 to ¥200,000 or pay 100% in advance. Auction members are certified exporters or dealers so no need to worry to make payment. If a bid fails, you will either be refunded or given the opportunity to use this money for another bid. But your bidding agent will charge a minimum of ¥1000 for a failed or successful bid, this is what is charged by the auction house to enter bidding.
  • Now that the bid is successful, you need to pay the remaining balance. Depending if you are using FOB, CFR / C&F, CIF or another agreement, you may also need to pay freight charges, marine insurance, and possibly other charges/fees.
  • Once this is done, you will receive a purchasing agreement and invoice. Some exporter may want you to sign both and fax back copies for security reasons.
  • Agent will collect the required certificates that you need as per your country import rules like Deregistration Certificate, Bill of Lading, Customs Invoice and send to you by courier.
  • When ready to ship, the car(s) will be placed onto the next available ship for your destination. It can take 1-6 weeks for car to load onto a ship depending on if the car has been deregistered yet.


Can you imagine yourself doing all this with no experience, language problem and many others, fear of not receiving the car, or receiving in bad condition etc?

I am sure you would definitely choose to buy your dream car from a reputed Auto Auction with help of a trustworthy Japan used car exporter.


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